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New Fairy Tail vs One Piece MUGEN For Android With 200+ Characters

Fairy tail MUGEN For Android

Hello Friends today i have brought a very special game for you all. The name is Fairy Tail MUGEN. This is a perfect MUGEN game just Bleach vs Naruto MUGEN For Android. Perhaps this Game is also developed by the same developer that's why it is so Perfectly done like other games of Bleach vs Naruto. So let's know all about this Game.

Game Features

  • 100+ Characters - This Game contains so many and in other words almost all characters from the Fairy Tail anime. Although i don't know much about this anime but the game is so full of characters so I can say that almost all characters must be in this game.
  • Monkey D Luffy - This Game has Luffy with his Original Attacks just as mega punch attack. All of the Characters have Three special Attacks in which one is the ultimate that exhausts all the ki of the Character.
  • Gohan - Although it's not a dragon ball Z Game but this Game has Gohan from dragon ball Z. Only Gohan is there in this game and not any other character of Dragon ball Z. Gohan also has three special attacks in which Kamehame Haaaaaaaaa is included.
  • Naruto - This game also has Naruto with his all transformations although all of the games has it.


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