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DBZ TENKAICHI Tag team Mod V1.5.5 Vegeta Ultra G.O.D and More new Transformation

DBZ TTT Mods Download 2020

Hello Friends, It's been more than 2 years since dragon Ball super ended and now to animation is not releasing any new series of dragon Ball so now there is no new canon  characters to make on Dragon Ball Z TENKAICHI Tag team. But remember only canon characters are not releasing but still there many non canon and fan made characters are remaining in Dbz TTT mods. So modders are creating those characters with perfection.

ISO Features

  1. DBZ TTT Xenoverse mods 
  2. DBZ TTT BT3 mods 
  3. DBZ TTT bt4 mods 
  5. DBZ TENKAICHI Tag team mods 

  • New Vegeta Models - Guys this mod has Vegeta God Of Destruction with all Transformations ( Ssj 1 to Mastered Ultra Instinct ). Vegeta MUI G.O.D. has new Sparking Attacks. This mod also has Vegeta Super Saiyan 3 MUI that also has very shining attacks as you can see in the above screenshots.
  • Black Goku - Ssj 5 - Black Goku can Transformation to Ssj5 and then he goes to Black Goku Rose. He has all canon and fan made transformation.
  • Goku - The mod contains all types of Goku. Goku xeno, Goku Z, Goku Super and Goku Af as well as Goku has All canon and Non canon + Fan made transformations. After all Goku has everything you love.
  • Trunks - This is new model of trunks with Two swords in his hands. Although attacks are just a little modified but the model is fully perfect as it is created by the Daniflow TTT mods.

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