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DBZ TTT HD original + BT-3 port Attacks Armageddon Mod Download

Hello Guys, Although there are dozens of DBZ TTT Mods which are free to download out there but the release of a perfect one is a too rare. And today that rare phenomenon has come true because the New Dragon Ball Z TTT Armageddon has been released. Why this mod is a masterpiece do you want to know? Then keep reading the post. Tones of features are waiting for you to use them and all are free. Means you can download this DBZ TTT mod free of cost. This is the most awesome Dragon Ball Z PSP game for all time. So let's know all about this game.

DBZ TTT BT4 + Original Textures Mod with All new Attacks

Although perhaps there are few people who don't like to see multiple Graphics at once but believe even those people would gonna love this mod after seeing it's all features. One of the best things is that it doesn't crash. I have personally checked out the entire mod, chosen each characters all colors, performed all of their attack and found 0% crash. So yes you can enjoy it without getting disturbed by the crashing and stuck screen bugs. All bugs are fixed in this mod. But still in case if your PSP crashes on this mod as all Android devices are not same. May be it will crash on your phone even though it runs smoothly on mine phone. So simply Download The AWE PSP EMULATOR, it is the best PSP Emulator but a little old version. But it doesn't matter because your game will neither lag nor crash with this PSP Emulator.

ISO Features

New Menu - The ISO is released with a menu in which you can navigate to all new characters directly. DBZ TTT Armageddon is written at the front page of the Mod menu which is the original name of this mod.

Consist BT-3 + HD Textures - This mod contains Budokai TENKAICHI 3 and Original ultimate TENKAICHI Graphics within the mod. Some of the models of the characters are made of BT4 mod Graphics and some of them are built with the original but more accurate graphics.

New Attacks - After a long time, finally a mod with so many new BT-3 port and custom modified attacks is released. It has various new characters, few are fan made, some are non canon and most of them are canon. Fan made character has new attacks.

New Mod Characters

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  1. DBZ TTT BT4 mod
  2. DBZ TTT Ultra Instinct mod
  3. New Kamehameha ha attacks
  4. Green Vegeta Saiyan
  5. Bardock MUI DBZ TTT BT-3 mods

Each characters has his almost all transformation however there are thousands of Transformation if we talk about the entire dragon Ball. So may be few Transformations be skipped by the modders. But all the main and new forms are available in this mod.

See the above screenshots to have look of the mod. I am going to explain about the few main characters of the mods.

Goku - This character is all time main for all mods but in this mod, goku's model is more special than other mods. The kaioken blue Transformation of Goku plays new Kamehameha ha dramatic move attack and God red Goku also performs new style Kamehameha ha move. Goku can go Ultra Instinct, Mastered UI and Super saiyan 4 and Ssj 5 too. There are three versions you can see for Goku in the mod. Firs version is of DBS, second is taken from the Dragon Ball Af and last Is anime Model of DBS. Ultra Instinct attacks are also new with amazing Kamehameha ha.

This mod has Gohan evil with Super Saiyan Red form and wings. The same form is also given to Vegito with super Saiyan red and wings. Attacks includes big dark red energy Ball attacks.

Vegito in this mod can go up to Super Saiyan 5 and he opens his mouth while performing super and ultimate moves. This mouth opening feature is taken from the BT3.

Bardock has New BT4 Mastered Ultra Instinct Model with All new attacks and Auras.

Aura for All new and existing characters is too sparking like original budokai TENKAICHI 3 mod.

Cooler has his all transformations with the new Meta Golden cooler non canon and fan made transformation. Attacks are all new and aura is shining too.

How to Install

  • Download PSP Emulator Latest Version for free
  • Download this mod ( Link Is Given Below )
  • If the mod is in Zip and Rar format then don't forget to extract it first. Download Rar Extracter App
  • Now you have the ISO file out of Zip/RAR/7z.
  • Open the ISO in PSP Emulator and start play.
Detailed Information
Name - Dragon Ball Z TENKAICHI Tag Team
Modder - TatoGam Mods YouTube ChannelSize - 586MB for ISO + 38MB for Menu
Released On - March, 2020
Version - V1
Operating System - PSP
File Type - ISO
ISO + Menu Download 



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