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Dragon Ball FighterZ APK download for android with All Characters

Hello Dragon Ball Fans, welcome to this site and today I am going to introduce you with a Dragon Ball FighterZ APK Mod which has been released for Android. This DBZ FighterZ APK is a mod of Dragon Ball Tap battle. Dragon Ball Tap battle is an official dragon Ball Z Game by Namco Bandai and all characters has their unique attacks in this game. Now a days there are many Dragon Ball Tap battle mods are Releasing everyday so on of them is this DBZ FighterZ mod. So let's know all the features of this game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ APK - Tap Battle Mod

Although The Game dragon Ball tap battle is not high enough to copy all of the Fighter Z graphics but as FighterZ itself is a 2D Fighting dragon Ball Z Game so we have the best opportunity to convert whole tap battle to FighterZ. Since Tap battle Dragon Ball FighterZ and Tap battle both Dragon Ball Z Games are Released by the Same company that's why they both contains many similarities so modders have done their best to convert those similarities into exact match.

About Game

Dragon Ball Tap Battle is a 2D Fighting Dragon Ball Z Official game with Total 13 Characters in it Original Version APK. The game contains all special and ultimate Attacks of all dragon Ball Z Characters. Since it is a mod now the game contains total 23 characters with their original and unique Attacks.

Things that made this game Awesome

Screenshots ( Slide left to see more )
  1. DBZ FighterZ Android
  2. Dragon Ball FighterZ APK
  3. Dragon Ball FighterZ Android
  4. Download DBZ FighterZ mod
  5. Tap Battle mod Fighter Z 
  6. DBZ FighterZ tap battle
  7. DBZ FighterZ mod Gohan
  8. Vegito Tap Battle
  9. DBS Broly Tap Battle mod 

New Homepage - The homepage of this Dragon Ball tap battle is converted into Fighter Z's home page. The exact  home page of Dragon Ball FighterZ now you can see in the Tap battle.

Characters Menu - The characters menu is one of the most awesome changes within the game. Although the characters menu shows total 39 characters but in reality there are only 23 characters in this fighterZ mod.

Attacks - The textures of the characters while they are performing attacks are all changed with FighterZ style textures. In fact they are all looking exact same as original fighter as you can see the above screenshots.

About Characters

There are total 23 fighterz characters in the game. The names are listed below
  • Goku Super saiyan
  • Krillin
  • Hit
  • Cell
  • Android 21
  • Android 17
  • Bardock
  • Trunks 
  • Freiza
  • Buu 
  • Beerus
  • Vegito Blue
  • Goku GT
  • Jiren
  • Goku black Rose
  • Gohan Mystic
  • Broly DBZ
  • Broly DBS
  • Tien ( Tenshinhan )
These are the characters which have been changed with the FighterZ graphics.

About FighterZ mod Gameplay

You can use the following features during The battle.
  • Instant Transmission without costing ki
  • Defense
  • Normal Combos
  • Advanced combos
  • Special attacks
  • Ultimate attack
  • Firings
  • Ki charging
  • Ultimate attacks needs full ki charge + Burst mod to perform.
  • Special attacks are playable by costing a line of ki.
  • Firings cost half line of ki
  • There are total 3 lines of ki power
  • Beam Struggle - If you want to win beam Struggle then all you have to do is tap the screen as fast as possible.
  • Combo clash - tap the green buttons to win combo clashes.

How to play

Combos - Tap the Enemy to perform combos

Firings - Tap the enemy with having a far gap to perform Firings ( when ki are lower than a line )

Special Attacks - tap the enemy with having a far gap to perform a special attack ( When ki are higher than a line )

Ultimate Attack - Tap the face of your character on the health bar to perform the ultimate attack. ( when your character is in  the Burst mod and your all lines ki are full )

How to activate Burst mod - it will activate by itself as the enemy beats you.

Instant transmission - Double tap on the place where you want to teleport your character.

Ki Charging - Touch your character to charge your ki.

Defense - leave you character as it is to use defense.

Detailed Information
  • Developer - Namco Bandai
  • APK Size - 200MB
  • File Type - APK
  • Genre - Fighting
  • Offline - YES
  • Platform - Android


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