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Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors Mod Rom Download For Android With Cheat codes

Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors for GBA is an official dragon Ball Z Game with approximately 20 characters with their initial dragon Ball Z transformations. The game was developed before dragon Ball super as a result the original version of DBZ Supersonic warriors has no Dragon Ball super characters and transformation.  But today I am going to share a mod with you all that includes super Saiyan blue Goku, Vegeta and few more dragon Ball super characters. Remember that the graphics of the game are low that's why modifications are limited. However, modders have done their best to make the game updated to DBS.

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors

You can run dragon Ball Z Supersonic warriors at any version of Android devices and there is no even minimum requirements to run the game. The versions of Androids are capable of running this game at fast speed. So you can enjoy it fully as much as you want.

Game Features

The game contains total more than 20 characters with their original and unique attacks. Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors mod Rom is only 20MB that is a very low size to download but the game is amazing. The game is so so addictive if you are going to play it for the first time then you will gonna have a addiction towards this game. Let's know about those things which made this game so so addictive to dragon Ball Fans.

Gameplay features

During the gameplay, you can perform special and ultimate attacks. Goku performs Kamehameha ha and Spirit bomb as his super ultimate. Vegeta perform big bang and Final flash attacks as his specials. Cell had shield and super Kamehameha ha attack. Goku Super Saiyan God uses Red Kamehameha ha attack.

This is a mod version of this game so it contains Vegeta super Saiyan blue and Goku super Saiyan God red, Goku Super Saiyan blue and few more DBS transformations as well as Goku has super saiyan 4 with Red colored Kamehameha ha attack that is his original anime attack.

You can perform Firings, strong Firings, special and ultimates, combos, instant Transmission, instant transmission for dodging and fast Flying also you can change your character during the battle. You can choose up to three characters to start the battle and in midst of battle you can change you character at any time you want.

Game Options

  • Z Battle - The free battle mod of this game where you can choose either one or three your character and your opponents and just start the Round.
  • Challenge - you can choose either one or three but opponents are random.
  • Training mod - where you can learn all the skills of Fighting and can become the strongest warriors among all.

Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors Cheats

As we all know that no one wants to play the game, story mods to unlock the characters, everyone wants to have all characters unlocked in an instant. So here is cheat code, you just need to fill this code in the cheats of Game boy Advance ( GBA ) Emulator and then finish. All character will be unlocked once you fill the code.

Cheat Codes - "43004D58 FFFF"
Second cheat code - "00000004 0002

How use Cheat Code

It is very easy to use the cheat code. Just Follow the two steps
  • Open your GBA Emulator
  • Click on The Menu
  • Then click on Cheats
  • And then Enter the code

Mod Rom + Cheat Codes

Now you have the perfect Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors that has Dragon Ball Super transformation + All Characters are already unlocked. Just start enjoying the game.

Have Fun!!


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