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Stick Fight The Dragon Ball Z Stickman Warriors Game Download

Dragon Ball Z Stick Man Warriors

Stickman Warriors Super Dragon Shadow fight

Dragon Ball stick Man Warriors is a newly released DBZ Stick game. In fact it's not even fully released on this date ( March, 2020 ) and it's still in the development but the author has given access to download link. Although it is in the development but still it has almost everything. I don't find anything which needs improvement, I played this game whole day, the story mod, tournament mod and training mod. Everything was perfect. No need of improvement at all. The game is so so so amazing with original colorful attack graphics which will fill your mind with excitement. Let's know all features of this game. The characters looks like Stick and there are no eyes, nose and lips on the faces of the characters. 

Stick DBZ Game features

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The game contains 4 options to play the game in a different way. The first option is story, then Versus, then Tournament and last is Training mod. Let me explain all.

Stick game story mod 

The game contains 8 Sagas in Story mod and all Sagas are settled serial wise according to the real Anime. The first is saga is Freiza Saga. The developer has skipped the Saiyan Saga as the super Saiyan Goku appears in Freiza Saga. So in Freiza Saga, there are 18 stages to win and the 18th stage is a boss stage where you will fight with the Golden Freiza. Second saga is Android Saga in which there are again 18 stages and the stage no. 9 and No. 18 is a boss stage where you will face Android 17 and 18. Then comes Cell saga and then Buu, then Zamasu and Jiren and so on. The last saga is God saga where Beerus and Champa Are the boss. 

Versus Mod

Versus mod is a free battle mod in which you choose one your character and one enemy and simply start the battle.

Tournament mod 

There 16 fighters in tournament and you will fight with 5 characters, it means there are 5 stages in tournament mod. You can set the battle difficulty mod to very easy, medium, hard and insane. Remember that if you play the game in easy mod then the you will earn less coins and in hard mod you will earn coins faster.

Training Mod

Although there is no key Combination combos and super attack within the game as just by clicking a button you can perform all special attacks and combos. But training mod helps you check out all ultimate Attacks of all character without any hindrance.

About DBZ Stickman Characters

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There are 60 dragon Ball Z and super characters within the game in which Goku, super Saiyan, blue and Vegeta, super Saiyan, Super Saiyan blue and Gogeta blue and Vegito blue, Jiren, Golden Frieza, Zamasu, Beerus, Champa, Black Goku, Nappa, Androids, cell, mastered Ultra Instinct Goku and Vegeta, hit etc. as well as Naruto and his all transformations are included.

Characters Attacks

Each character has 2 super attack, first one is special and second is Ultimate. Special attack consumes half of ki power and ultimate Attacks exhausts all of your ki. All character can do regular Firings. 

Characters such as Goku, Freiza and Zamasu performs energy Ball attack. Goku performs spirit bomb attack and normal  Kamehameha ha in his base form. Super Saiyan form plays super Kamehameha ha. Mystic Gohan performs dramatic Combo Attacks as his special and ultimates. Naruto performs his own original anime attacks. Vegeta fires Galick gun and big bang attack.

Unlock Characters

Unlocking characters is a little bit hard deal for this game. Although it's not too hard because some characters can easily be unlocked by Free Spin. Spin is a features within the game by which you can unlock mastered Ultra Instinct Vegeta easily. You have to use spinner at Least 30 times to unlock MUI Vegeta. 

Most of the chase can be unlocked by the coins and some of them unlocked by The diamond and few needs purchase. Only few needs purchase otherwise all character can be unlocked through watching ads, collecting diamonds and coins.

How to Collect Coins

  • Play Story mod - It's the first way and recommended if you want to earn coins faster as soon as possible. By playing story mod you will earn both ( Diamonds and coins ) if you happen to win the stages.
  • Play tournament - If you play the tournament mod at easy mod then you will get only 500 but if you able to win the entire tournament on hard level then you can earn 2400 coins at once.

Gameplay Features

  • Fast Flying
  • Normal Flying
  • Firings
  • Special attack
  • Ultimate attack
  • Ki charging
  • Defense
  • Combos punches
  • Special and ultimate attack crash
  • Transformation ( if unlocked )
So these all tactics you can do during the battle.

Detailed Information

  • Name - Stickman Warriors, Super Dragon Shadow Fight
  • Game Version - 1.0 ( first time Released )
  • Size - 69 MB
  • Last Updated - Feb, 2020
  • In app Purchase - Yes
  • File type - APK
  • Platform - Android
  • Genre - Fighting 
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