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Subway Surfers Mod Apk Latest V1.115.0 ( Unlimited Everything )

Subway Surfers Mod APK Download

Subway Surfers Mod APK Download
The #1 Running Game of Google Play store has many Addictive fans but they are tired of playing and collecting coins for a long time and now they want to have everything in an instant. So, your wish will be fulfilled today. We are going to to share a Mod APK of Subway Surfers in which you will get everything unlimited. Thus you don't have to play the game to collect the coins because now you can have Unlimited number of coins just by installing this version of Subway Surfers.

Play Subway Surfers Latest Version

If you have played Subway Surfers for so long time then you can skip to the next heading and if you are a new gamer then Read it.

Game Rules

This is an endless running game means there is no end of running even if you play for hours together without being caught by the Police Man and his Dog. The game is about to escape form an Police Man and his Dog. Just this is all I can say for this game. But while escaping from the that fat police man you will have a great adventure because the game contains many Skills ( Gadgets ) on the way by which you can fly and you can jump and also many more. As you go further and further the game becomes faster and faster. Slowly slowly the game reaches at its peak of fast Ness where you would have a hard to time to see that what is coming next to you. This fast ness of game is the reason for its so many fans, this is the main point that's why people getting addicted to this game. The background music and graphics are all amazing and fits well on the situation of the game.

The story of game is that a boy named Jack is spraying on a wall. Spraying on the wall means to making wall look ugly hence police man gets angry on Jack and starts chasing him with his Dog. 

Game Features

While running you may get these Gadgets on the way.

Gameplay Gadgets

  • Jet Pack - One of the most Amazing Gadgets through which you can fly and also you will get a lot of coins on the wind to pick up. Jet pack ends just in 10 seconds at most in the beginning but you can increase its time by upgrading it.
  • Super Sneakers - this is a name of shoes through which you can jump very high. You can jump over any stop boards and trains. 
  • Magnet - Magnet is used for to attract all coins towards you so you don't have to go towards coins.
  • 2x Score - 2X Score is used to boost up the score counting so you can hit the highest score in the world if you stayed with this Gadget.
  • Hoverboard - Double tap the Screen to Activate the Hoverboard. While riding the Hoverboard if you happen to be crashed by train or wall then don't be worry because hoverboard will save you. This the features of hoverboard, its like having a second life chance.
  • Characters - There are more than 80 Characters in the subway surfers. Each character has his own unique look and Style. There are also some alien type of characters although it doesn't matter which character you choose because none of the characters run faster than the police man. Lol.
  • Change clothes - Every Characters has various clothes so you can change them if you get bored by seeing the same clothes on the characters for so long time.
  • Hoverboards - There are more than 100 hoverboards within the game. The best things is that unlike characters, hoverboard posses their uniqueness with the unique features they provide. Some hoverboard gives you super Sneakers shoes too. And some of them speed up your running and some of them looks like an space alien type of hoverboards.
  • Play With Friends - You can play or challenge with your friends via Facebook account connection. This is very entertaining and challenging multiplayer style features within the game.

Subway Surfers Mod APK Features

Unlocked Characters - All 80+ characters are already unlocked so if you have been bored by Jack then its time to switch to another character. There are bundle of character so enjoy anyone you want. All the clothes of all character are also already unlocked.

Unlocked Hoverboards - All 100+ Hoverboards are already unlocked so if you have been bored with that default classical hoverboard than its time to switch to some awesome Hoverboards. There are some Hoverboards looks like clouds, leafs, super jetpack hoverboards, teleporter hoverboard and much more. Enjoy them all.

Unlimited Coins - Now you don't have run after the coins or Magnets as you will have unlimited coins after installing Subway Surfers Mod apk. Coins are like 99,999,999, we can't even read that amount. Amazing isn't it?.

Unlimited Keys - As you may know that keys were very rare on the game but now just like coins we can't even read the amount of keys also. There are unlimited. Now do want you wanted to do with the keys.

Upgrades - All the Gadgets such as Magnet, jetpack and Super Sneakers are upgraded already so you have to upgrade them all. You have unlimited coins and keys just simply do it. Upgrade everything to the Max. As you can see in the Screenshots, I have upgraded everything at their  highest maximum levels.

The Same 3D graphics as Original - There is no changes on the graphics of the game so you can enjoy the same colorful look of game with all unlocked features. 

Worthless Gadgets after Installing Mod version

No Need of Magnets and 2x Score booster - As you already have infinity coins in Subway Surfers Mod APK hence the need of Magnet and 2x score is ends here. Just buy hundreds of Hoverboards and ride on that while running so will not get caught by the Police and your score will keep increasing.

Have Unlimited Mystery Box - Open Unlimited Mystery Box. Although now they makes no sense as you already have everything the mystery can give. 
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Install Subway Surfers Mod APK

  • Uninstall The Original - it is necessary to uninstall the Play store Version of Subway Surfers before you Install the Mod Version.
  • Now install the mod version  ( Link is given below )
  • Done, Open the Game and see everything already unlocked for you.

Game information 
Platform - Android
File Type - APK
Version - V1.115.0
Genre - Adventure/ Running
Size - 93MB 
This is the Latest Version of Subway Surfers Mod apk Download by click below.

Make sure you have Enabled the unknown sources in your Android devices settings.
When all is done, you can play this amazing game as much as you want.


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