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Tekken 3 Game Download for Android Latest Version

Tekken 3 Game APK 

Hello Friends, Do you want to Download Tekken 3 apk? Of course yes, isn't it? Tekken is My most favorite childhood fighting game. I used to play it on a game shop by paying the token money. Tekken 3 made my childhood great but nowadays as we grow, you all know we don't have much to go to a shop for playing the game. So how's the idea of having Tekken 3 on Android phone. Great isn't it. Download Tekken 3 APK for free. May be you know that tekken is officially available on The FPSE Emulator which can also run on Android but that is a little bit confusing for most of the people because you have to download the Emulator first, then Rom file and then a Extracter to extract the Rom file out. And then you can play the Tekken 3 Through the FPSE Emulator and there are many people who doesn't know what is a Emulator and what is a Rom. That's why today I am providing Tekken 3 APK for Android mobile.

Tekken 3 All Modes

If you have played Tekken 3 before in a game shop then you have played only the Versus and Arcade battle mod. But did you know the Full original Tekken 3 game offers many Amazing Game mode to play the game in many Different ways. Let's know them all.
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  2. Tekken 3 all characters unlocked
  3. Tekken 3 gameplay

The First Option is:-

Arcade Mode

Arcade mod contains total 10 stages in which you will fight with Hitachi at the 9th round and the boss is ogre. Ogre has Two forms. Each stage has Two rounds and you have to win the both to complete the stages until the 10th. Ogre comes with his final form the last round of 10th stage. He can shoot the fire with his mouth, and can fly.

Versus Mode

Versus Mode is a free battle, choose your favorite character and opponent and start the fight.

Team battle mode

You can choose up to three characters as yours and three characters as opponents. It is also a form of free battle but a little advanced.

Time Attack mode

Time Attack mode is advanced version of Arcade battle mod as Team battle mode is a advanced version of versus mod. In time attack you have less time to defeat the enemy.

Survival mode

Survival mode is the best option in my opinion because even though you haven't unlocked all characters but still new characters comes as a enemy to fight with you. So you can see there moves Without unlocking them all.

Tekken Force mode

It is an adventure option of the game. You go further and beat the enemies just like other adventure games. There are 4 stages in the tekken force mode and you have to win them all at once if you want to complete the Tekken Force mode.

Practice mode

Learn all skills and combos of all characters easily by entering the practice mod. All characters have so many combos and a ultimate attack too. All ultimate attacks of all characters exhausts more then half health bar of the opponents.

Tekken Ball Mode

Tekken Ball mode is a not available at the beginning of the game. To get this option you have to unlock all the 19 characters and then this Features will be unlocked and through tekken Ball mode you can unlock The Gon character.

How to Unlock Tekken 3 characters

It is very easy to unlock all the characters. You just have to play the arcade mod to unlock 9 locked characters. Play arcade mod and win all 10 battles, Go on winning and you all characters would be unlocked. By winning the arcade mod 2 times, the characters would start getting Unlocked one by one.

Tekken 3 Gameplay

When it comes to finding a intense combot fighting game then there no match for Tekken 3. Every characters at Tekken 3 can perform various different and more than 30 powerful dramatic moves. All characters have their special and Ultimate combos. The graphics looks 3D and colorful. Tekken 3 is the most amazing 2D fighting Game on Android ever.

Tekken 3 New Characters List

Tekken 3 contains total 21 characters. The starting 10 characters are already unlocked and the name of new characters are listed below.
  • ANNA WILLIAMS ( Nina's Sister )
  • BRYAN FURY ( A Zombie Cyborg )
  • Gon 
  • Ogre
  • True ogre ( Ogre's Final Transformation )
  • Dr. Bosconovitch ( A Sick Scientist )
  • Gun Jack ( A Robot with Programmed Martial arts )
  • Jun Kazama ( A female )
  • Kajuya Mishima
  • Kuma ( a bear )
  • Mokujin
  • Panda
  • Tiger Jackson ( Eddy's Brother )
My Favorite characters are Paul and Jin. I used to play with the Paul specially because of his Howa attack which is so Awesome and also damages the opponent effectively.

Install Tekken 3 Apk

Watch Video

Normally Tekken 3 is only played on PlayStation which also known as FPSE and these Tekken 3 Apks are the Attached version of FPSE and Rom file of Tekken 3. In the apk Both are attached with each other so you don't have to download Emulator and Rom one by one. Just install the apk and your Game is ready to be played.

To install Tekken 3 Apk, Do the Following steps.
  • Download Tekken 3 Apk
  • Click on the Unknown Source on your Android phone settings
  • Now install the apk of tekken 3
  • Please keep open your data connection on just for the first time. After that you can play the game offline always.
  • Start play
Note:— I am providing three versions of Tekken 3, however all three are latest versions and all contains 21 characters and same all features. But as you all know Android devices are not same. So in case Tekken 3 Apk is not installing on your Android phone then Download another and try to play that. My Device has 8.0 version and plays this version of tekken 3 which I am giving the first.

1. Tekken 3 Apk 42MB Download

2. Tekken 3 Apk 35MB Download
3. Tekken 3 Apk 21MB

Whichever one works on your Android phone, play with that, both provides all the features of Tekken 3 and both are original and official.

Note:— Tekken 3 Official has only one Version that is V1.1 and there is no other Version or update released since 2018, so if you are finding the latest version of Tekken 3 then you will download the same Tekken 3 multiple times on different different websites because it is the only version released by the Namco. So definitely entire Internet has only this one.


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