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The Amazing Spider Man 2 Game APK + Data V1.2.8 Free Download For Android

Hello Spidey fans, today I am going to show a you the amazing Spider man 2 game which can be played smoothly on Android phones. I will provide you the original APK + Obb Data file but as you all know most of the fans are not interested in completing the stories hence the mod version is also provided. You can download both of the versions free on your Android.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 V1.2.8d apk

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This is an official Spider Man game developed and released by the Gameloft company. The game is full of Action, Adventure, missions and fighting which will make you too crazy about this game to have on your Android. Stories are based on The protector of new York storyline. The best thing about this game is that it is released for all type of platforms such as PC, Android, IOS, Xbox and PS4. The graphics are vary Platform to platform but the experience of gameplay is the same means all Features are provided on all of the operating system. We are talking about the Android version of The Amazing Spider man 2 game APK  so let's know all features of this game.

Game Features

Open World Game - this is an 3D adventure and action Spier man game with all directions open. There is no limits and you can go wherever you want. No time limits, no edge limits and no graphics glitches so enjoy traveling around the entire game.

Story mod - the story mod contains more that 50 stages to complete and all are quite dangerous actionable with various enemies such as Venom, Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Electro etc. You will play the roll of Peter Parker and your work is to save the city from all super villains.

Multiple languages - The game supports English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and many other languages so in case if you don't know English still you can play this game with your language. However there are more languages which are provided within the game so you have to learn a little English if your language is not featured.

Multiple Suits - there are multiple Suits of Spider man in the game such as black suits which looks similar with venom.

Increase Abilities - You can increase the level of attacks, defense and health bar.

Gameplay and Controls

  • The gameplay is 3D ( Opened from all the directions, move anywhere )
  • Black Spiderman and iron spider and many other awesome suits
  • Colorful 3D Graphics
  • Official storylines
  • High length Buildings
  • Fly through the web shooters and web sling around buildings and metro pillers.
  • Climb the walls, buildings.
  • No lag
  • Play normal and High combos
  • Shoot spider nets
  • New characters such as black cat and screwball.
  • High 3D graphics cinematic cutscenes and best quality voice making the gameplay experience realistic.
  • Acrobatic spidey fighting styles.
  • Intense fighting and adventure experience.
  • Fight with some dangerous marvel comics and anime villains.
  • Become your favorite marvel Hero Spider man.
  • The instructions are already in the game on how to play all skills.
  • Spidey senses - This feature is used when enemy is attacking from behind. A button pop ups on screen if you touch that at the right time then you can perform a counter attack.

Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Money, coins
  • All suits unlocked
  • Easily upgrade the attack, health and defense at the full capacity.
  • Complete all the hard missions and defeat all deadly enemies with ease.

How to Install

  • Free Download the APK, whether you download mod or Original. It's upon your choice.
  • DOWNLOAD the Obb ( Cache ) File 603MB.
  • In case if the Obb file is in Zip, RAR or 7Z format then firstly extract the Obb file out.
  • Download File Extracter
  • Now move the Obb file in Your Android>Obb folder.
  • The path must be look like this [ Android>Obb> ]
  • After placing the Obb file at the right path.
  • Now Install the APK and run the game
  • Start play, enjoy!!
Download Mod Apk 30.1MB
Download Original APK
Download Obb File 603MB



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