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Zatch Bell Electric Arena Game for Android Via GBA Emulator

Hello Zatch Bell Fans, Today I am going to introduce you all with a Zatch Bell Game which can be played on Your Android Device without any lag. You can play this game on any version of Android device, no minimum requirements are needed, no ram and no roms are required and yet the game is so awesome. You just need to install Game boy Advance Emulator ( Formerly called and written as GBA ) on your Android Mobile. GBA APK is a low class Gaming Emulator that runs low quality Games and yet still provides awesome games such as Dragon Ball Z SuperSonic warriors and Zatch Bell Electric Arena. 

Although there are more amazing 3D graphics Zatch Bell games but those games are runs at Dolphin and ps2 Emulators which are very high quality hence runs slow on any version of Android devices. So Zatch Bell Electric Arena with it's amazing gameplay gives a chance to experience Zatch Bell on Android.

Zatch Bell Electric Arena

Zatch Bell Electric Arena Rom is a official Game of Zatch Bell with Total 12 Mamodo characters with their partners. The game is a 2D Fighting Zatch Bell game with all original attacks for all characters. The game is well developed highly enjoyable.

Game Features

Zatch Bell Characters - The game contains 12 Mamodo characters. The names are Zatch Bell (Gash Bell) With Kiyo, Koruru, Tia with Megumi, Sherry and Brago, Wonrei, Kanchome with Parco Falgore and few more starting characters. As you know that the Anime has 3 Sessions. This game was developed when only the first session completed so it contains Characters from only first session but later developer added the Zeno as he was the main villain.

Game Options - The first of option is Story mod. Through story mod you can unlock all characters by completing all stages. In the beginning only Zatch Bell is unlocked and all others characters are locked but you don't need to buy them through coins or money. Just go further in the story mod and unlock them all easily.

Vs Mod - Vs is a free battle mod In which you choose one your fighter and one as the enemy and simply start the fight. After completing all stages of story mod you can play vs mod.

Training mod - easily Master all tactics of Fighting using training mod. Know all ultimate attacks of all characters. Become the strongest mamodo fighter.

Characters Attacks

Zatch Bell Attacks - Zatch Bell has his four Spells in this game. The first is Zakeruga, Second is Shield, third is that Magnetic Ball and the last is Baou Zakeruga. Baou Zakeruga is the strongest spell of Zatch Bell if we put the 8th spell of Zatch Bell aside. The 8th spell of Zatch comes in a movie so it considered no Canon and hence it is no found in any game of Zatch Bell. The game also has Zatch Bell's mamodo partner Ponygon. Ponygon is a donkey Mamodo with his all attacking spells.

Xeno Bell attacks - Xeno Bell also has four Spells and the first spell is Zakerunga that looks blue. And he has all further following spells.

Brago attacks - Brago is a very powerful Mamodo and the great opponent of Zatch Bell in the anime. Brago has the power to control the Gravity. In this game, Brago has his Gravity and destructive balls spells.

GBA Controls ( How to play )

  • A Button - Jumping ( Jumping can be use to dodge incoming attacks. )
  • Higher Jump - Tap the A button two times by having a gap of on second to jump higher 
  • Press Down Button - To make lock to avoid damage. ( If opponent is attacking by hands then you can block but in case of spell your  health would be damaged a little.
  • B Button - To use rush attacks, combos.
  • Handle Up + B - To use a powerful combo attack
  • Handle down + B - to use another combo attack.
  • Up + A + B - To make combos with your human partner.
  • Button R - To cast the first level spell e.g. Zakeruga.
  • Up + R - To case the Second level spells e.g. Rashield
  • Long press R + to Cast a Powerful and fully Charged Zakeruga.
  • Down + R - Used for third Spell
  • Forward + B + R - this key Combination is used for the Ultimate Spells such as Bauo Zakeruga.
All spells costs ki of your partner. To win the battle, it is necessary to save the human partner, it doesn't matter how much damage a Mamodo suffers, it makes no changes in humans health bar.

Gameplay Features

  • Spell Clash - When you and your opponent casts each other spells at the same time.
  • All spells attack
  • Normal combos
  • Strong combos
  • Custom combos
  • Jumping
  • Ki charging
So guys it is the best Zatch Bell game for Android ever developed. Since all other Zatch Bell games are unable to run on Android we only have Zatch Bell Electric Arena on Android.
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Additional Information
File Type - Zip
Size - 4MB
Emulator GBS APK Size - 3MB
Platform - GBA ( Game boy Advance )
For Android - Download the Emulator
Characters Count - 12
Graphics - 2D
Offline - Yes it's an offline Zatch Bell Game 

Have Fun!!


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