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Zatch Bell Mamodo Battles GameCube Dolphin Emulator ISO Download

Hello Everyone, welcome again in this site. Here you can find all type of fighting games for Android. Today we are introducing Zatch Bell Mamodo Battles that is made for Nintendo GameCube and dolphin Emulator. So through dolphin Emulator you can play it at a decent speed on Android phone. However there are few requirements which your Android must meet if you want to play the game without lag.

About Zatch Bell Mamodo Battles

If you don't know Zatch Bell then I would like to say that it's an anime character and Zatch Bell is the name of the anime. In this anime, 100 Mamodos ( Mamodos are not humans ) are there to fight with each other with a human partner using a spell book to cast the spells and their powers. It's a battle to become a Mamodo king. Mamodo is another world and after every 1000 years Mamodos are send to earth to fight and select a new Mamodo king. They need a human partner to use their all powers. They can't read their own spells hence without a human they are powerless.

About game

Game's storyline is based on original story of Zatch Bell anime. The game contains 13 characters with their partners and all original anime attacks. Each Mamodo has minimum 3 spells and few mamodos such as Zatch, Tia, brago and bary has 5 spells to cast. This is a 2D fighting game with immense combos and tactics and 3D graphics.

Screenshots ( Slide left to see more )
Zatch Bell Mamodo characters

  1. Zatch Bell dolphin Emulator game

Zatch Bell Mamodo Battles game modes

  • Story mod - Unlock most of characters by completing stages in story mode. Play story of Zatch, Tia, Kanchome, Zeno Zatch, brago, and Wanrei. 
  • 2P - The Multiplayer Option, play with your friends.
  • 1P - Play with Computer and test your skills.
  • Time attacks - Unlock Ponygon by completing Time Attack mod several times. Time attacks is a like arcade battle mode of this game. 
  • Bonus mods - Collect all cards in bonus mods to unlock Laila.
  • Game option - Change language, difficulty level and Fight count.

Additional Information

  • Name - Zatch Bell Mamodo Battles GCN ISO
  • File Size - 1.2GB
  • File Type - ISO ( RAR )
  • Platform - Dolphin Emulator ( Android )
  • Dolphin Emulator - Download
DOWNLOAD Zatch Bell Mamodo Battles GCN highly compressed size, play on your Android, PC and Mac via Dolphin Emulator.

Android Device Requirements

Check Your Android Compatibility by matching the below listed requirements
  • Android Version - 9.0 and Up
  • Ram - 4GB
  • Processor - Octa Core
  • Battery ? - 4000 Mah ( why battery ? ) Because it exhausts battery very much when running.


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