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New DBZ TTT Mod with New Beerus Download

DBZ TTT Mods with New Beerus

Hello Friends, today I am Going to introduce a new DBZ TENKAICHI Tag Team mod with New Hulk Character and many new anime Characters. All the new Characters has new attacks and new auras. So keep reading to know all about this mod. Download Link is given at the end.

Game Features

  • Hulk - Although the model of hulk is not completed but still it is playable. On the next update Modders will increase the accuracy of hulk's Texture.
  • Beerus - The model of Beerus is so perfect than every previous model of Bills. Bills has big energy Ball attack as his ultimate move and Hakai attack too.
  • Saitama - also called as one punch man. His model is set upon the tenshinhan ( Tien's Model ). The texture is almost perfect and he has no aura.
  • Zeno Sama Full Form - This is fand made Zeno sama Transformation first appeared in Anime war series directed and animated by the master media.
  • My hero no academia - A main character from my hero no academia is now added. Although I don't know much about this Character but if you watch this anime then you must be happy by this Character.
  • Vegeta Daishinkan- Vegeta Grand Priest has Original 3D Textured model with Light blue but Intense amount of aura around him and attacks are full original and powerful. 

Additional information

  • Name - Dragon ball Z TENKAICHI Tag team mods 
  • File Type - ISO ( RAR )
  • Save Data - Download
  • Platform - PPSSPP ( Android )
  • PPSSPP Emulator - Download
  • Crash Free Awe PSP Emulator - Download
Link ISO Download ( Click Below 👇 )


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