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Dragon Ball Legends On PC Download

Hello Friends, Today I am going to show you that how you can play the Original Dragon ball Legends on PC and Laptops. Just the follow the easy instructions to run it successfully on your Computer. Firstly who don't know about DB legends then I would to explain a bit about it for them.

DB legends: PC

Dragon Ball Legends is a Role Playing Dragon Ball Z Official game released by the Namco Bandai entertainment. It is a 3D graphics game which looks almost as same as Xenoverse. The gameplay is also somewhat matches with the Xenoverse. The way goku flies to go further and the way he makes his first punch on the opponent matches with Dragon ball Xenoverse. The models, Textures, hair, clothes and the shine is also looks as Xenoverse. So it is like having a compressed Version of Xenoverse on mobile.

Game Features

Dragon ball legends for PC

  • 3D colorful Fascinating Graphics
  • All DBZ and Dragon Ball Super attacks
  • All Original anime attacks with Amazing Animations
  • Story mod - this game contains an option called events that is story mod of this game where you can go further and further by completing the stages.
  • Summons - buying summons can get you many new Characters. 1 summon costs 100 crystals. If you buy summons on bulk then it costs you a little cheaper than single.
  • PVP - The most amazing and advanced Option of the game where you can play with a human. Yes it is a multiplayer mode. The player will be selected randomly from anywhere in the world.


There are just 4 cards on the screen, and what they do is easy to know by recognizing the picture of them. Just tap on the cards to play combos, super attacks, Ultimate attack and regular firing blasts.
To dodge the opponents attack, simply slide on the screen.
To go near the enemy, slide up on the screen.
To punch the opponent, simply touch them.

Controls are too easy to understand and use. Now let's know how you can install it on a PC/ Desktop and laptops.

How to install Dragon Ball Legends on PC

  • In order to install it on PC, you must have a Android Emulator called Bluestacks.

  • Click on the Download Link and it will take you to the Bluestacks download page.
  • Download Bluestacks and install it

  • After opening, it will show you the Google play store, just simply fill your Playstore ID and download DB legends for PC directly from the playstore.
Download Link Game + Bluestacks


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