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Dragon Ball Super game for Android PPSSPP Emulator APK Download

Hello friends, today I am providing a new dragon Ball super game for Android with all new Characters and attacks. 3D graphics and immense fighting Gameplay. This is a 3D game of PPSSPP developed by the official Namco Bandai entertainment. Keep reading to know all about this game.

Dragon Ball Super Game: PSP Android

It's a dragon Ball Z TENKAICHI Tag team mod in which you can find all new heroes and villains who appeared on dragon Ball super and super dragon Ball Heroes. The villains such as Jiren, Fu, Kanba, Broly, and Zamasu are all built with the perfect HD Anime Textures.

Game Features

  1. Dragon Ball super game for Android
  2. DBZ Game for PSP
  3. DBZ TTT mod download
  • G.O.D Gohan - You may have seen Goku God of Destruction before in many previous mods but this not only contains Goku but also Gohan Hakaishin form. Gohan has sky blue aura around him when powering up the ki levels and he performs godly moves to defeat enemies.
  • Goku - look at the texture of Goku in the above screenshots. This is combined model of Dragon ball legends and Dragon Ball FighterZ and it looks very much similar to Dragon ball Z Kakarot's Textures. Goku's entire model is based on this new Textures and attacks are all new BT3 ports.
  • Vegeta G.O.D - Along with Gohan, this mod contains Vegeta Hakaishin with his all transformations such as Ssj, Ssj blue and super Saiyan blue evolution. He performs colorful Final Flash attack as his final move.

ISO Information

  • Name - Dragon ball Z TENKAICHI Tag team mods
  • File Size - 600MB
  • File Type - ISO ( RAR )
  • Save Data - Download
  • Platform - PPSSPP ( Android )
  • PPSSPP Emulator - Download
  • Crash Free Awe PSP Emulator - Download
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