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Dragon Ball Super Shin budokai 2 Revolution mod download

Hi Gamers, Today I will present all of you another Dragon Ball Z shin budokai 2 mod which contains such huge numbers of new change of the characters. DBZ Sb2 mods are discharging each week and there are such huge numbers of out there yet I am bringing here simply the best ones to give you the best ongoing interaction experience. These mods have no bugs, crashes, and dark screen issues.
DBS Shinbudokai 2 Mod download

The Modder have changed the name of this game from old and common shin budokai 2 to Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Revolution. An unrest implies a developement, am huge advancement of the game alongside the Saiyan change. The old Logo of Shinbudokai 2 is no longer stands there on the landing page. As should be obvious in the above screen capture, presently it is Saiyan Revolution logo which looks full official

DBS Shinbudokai 2 Mod ISO Features

Broly - contains the new broly with the entirety of his change. Furthermore, it contains new character as well as new models for each and every new characters. Presently the Texture of Broly looks progressively precise as should be obvious in the above screen capture. Base broly has the ideal body, hairs and eyes. The precision level is more than 9000 folks. Broly can go Super Saiyan and unbelievable structure as well. 

Ssj4 Transformation - presently discussing the most organized Features that is Super saiyan 4. This mod has super Saiyan 4 for pretty much every Saiyan character inside the game. You can discover Vegito, Gogeta, Gohan, Vegeta and Goku super Saiyan 4 with red Aura and impeccable Texture and assaults.

Kanba - the new antagonist of Dragon ball saints is additionally accessible with the new realistic model of anime. Kanba performs gigantic yellow and red vitality ball assault as his last move. 

Gogeta - One of the most grounded Saiyan character which is likewise accessible with the Anime based Models. All assaults are same as usual. 

How to Download and Install

  • Download PPSSPP Emulator
  • Download ISO Zip file & Save data
  • Extract it via any extractor application
  • Setup the save data in PSP > Save data folder
  • Now open PSP emulator, change the language to America Latins to avoid black screen troubles.
  • Select the ISO and start play, ensure that Fast memory unstable is on in the Systems settings of PSP, otherwise you may face Black screen.


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