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Download Dragon Ball Ex Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod PSP Game

Hello Everyone, today I have brought a very amazing dragon Ball Z Game for PSP, it's a new dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team mod game for Android with various new features and attacks that you have never seen before. So let's know all about this new DBZ PSP game.
Dragon Ball Z Ex TTT Mod Download

Dragon Ball Z Ex TTT Mod PSP

The modders also have created a menu for it which contains everything from new Homepage to new interfaces. You can see a new logo of "Dragon Ball Ex" instead Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team. Menu helps you to save your time and also avoid getting frustration from Searching the characters in the old menu. But you have to set this menu in order to have it. It is not permanent and it is really a small process to add this on your PSP Game. You can simply watch this video.

Mod New Characters

  1. DBZ TTT Goku God
  2. Gohan Omni God

  • Goku New Model - This mod has Goku New Model, the Texture of this model shines in it is Originality. It is not Budokai Tenkaichi 3 or Xenoverse Textures yet shine a lot like them. You can assume it as a half Jump force Textures. In this model Goku Base has new Kaioken dramatic combo attack as his special and Kaioken spirit bomb attack as his Ultimate move.
  • Goku Rose Super Saiyan 5 - this Texture is created with Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Graphics and is so perfect with New dark pink looking aura and attacks.
  • Gohan Omni God - Gohan has base and super Saiyan transformation in Omni form, Omni form is based on Original and BT3 graphics simultaneously.
  • Gogeta - Gogeta looks so HD in his new Model that is based on Ultimate Tenkaichi Graphics, the attacks are awesome as always.

DBZ TTT Mod Download


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