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Dragon Ball Z Game Black Dragon APK Mugen Style Download

Hello everyone, Today i am going to introduce you a new dragon Ball Z Game namely Black Dragon, this is an apk file which can be installed on any Android device regardless of it's version. This is the first release of this game and it may seems a little drilling but the developer would improve it's gameplay gradually by the next Updates. So as of now we have the first version which I am going to introduce to you all.

Black Dragon APK Features

  • 15 characters - Total fifteen Dragon ball Z and super main characters such as Broly Legendary Super Saiyan, Gogeta base and SSB, Black Goku Normal & Rose, Jiren, Mystic Gohan, Goku Base and super Saiyan blue, Vegeta base and blue.
  • Mugen Style gameplay - Although the gameplay is not so much amazing but you can perform Kamehameha ha, special Attacks and punches. Also you can charge up the ki.

Additional information

 Name  Black Dragon
 Size  93MB
 Offline Yes
 Genre Fighting


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