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Jump Ultimate Stars Anime Mugen apk For Android 150+ Characters Download

Jump Stars Mugen APK For Android

Hello Friends Today I am going to Introduce a new Mugen game for Android with amazing astounding Gameplay. This Anime Mugen apk is very similar to Bleach vs Naruto Mugen Apk, the gameplay is almost the same but it contains some new attacks and few new characters. This game has two versions, first is Lite version and Second is Full version, lite version however is 800 MB in size but still be able to run at any Android devices and full is more than 1.5GB hence it needs atleast 3GB space to be successfully installed. If you have a high quality Android device then you can download the full version of Jump stars Mugen APK otherwise lite version also contains all main Naruto and Dragon Ball Z Characters.

Game Modes

  • Team play - Team play contains two Sub-modes in it, first one is Team Arcade and second is Team CPU. Team arcade - in which you can choose up to 3 characters and there are certain number of stages to win. Team vs CPU - In which there is only one stage and you can choose your opponent too along with 3 Favorite fighter characters.
  • Single Play - As same as Team play, single Play also contains two Sub-modes, Single arcade and Single vs CPU. Arcade contains approximately 10 stages to win and CPU has only stage and you can select your enemy too.
  • Options - there you can control the difficulty level, change the joy stick style, turn on and off the sound effects, increase or decrease health bar levels, increase or decrease Round time, Set the screen type.
  • Training - see and learn all the combo and attack key combinations. Learn how to defence, counter attack, dodge, Guard and much more fighting Techniques.
  • Credits - in the credits section you can find the name of developers who have made this amazing anime Mugen apk for Android. 

Anime MUGEN APK characters

Goku base - this Mugen apk has new model of Goku base in which he Transforms into Super Saiyan 3 while performing the ultimate attack. He Transforms into Super Saiyan during special attack. Super Saiyan 3 Goku performs Dragon fist attack upon the opponent which damages almost half line of his health.

Frieza - Freiza is a new Dragon Ball Character in this game, you cannot find Freiza in Bleach vs Naruto and any other version of this game. Frieza performs death beam attack as his special and he Transforms into ultimate frieza while performing the ultimate attack.

From other Animes, you can find Naruto Final Form, Saitama the One punch Man, Monkey D luffy with 4th gear. They all uses their original anime attacks and have canon Transformations.

Zamasu and Black Goku - black Goku uses Rose Kamehameha ha and Hand Blade attack as his Super and Ultimate. Fused Zamasu uses his real anime godly moves. 



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