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PSP DBZ Game DBZ TTT BT4 MOD With Permanent Menu Download

DBZ BT4 + Menu PPSSPP Download

Hi guys, today I have brought for you New Dbz Tenkaichi Tag Team BT4 Mod for Android PSP emulator. In this mod you will see BT4 Attacks and illustrations and you can play this game just PSP Emulator for any gadget however you can not play this game on Real PSP. So we should think about this game.

DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team is 3D battling Game dependent on Dragon Ball Z Series. This is mod adaptation and it's completely changed in DBZ BT4 designs. You will see new characters and new Attacks and new models all things considered. You will likewise observe new fight maps like BT3.

New Characters in this mod

  • Goku all forms of all Dragon Ball series Sagas with Anime Attacks and BT4 Attacks.
  • Toppo and Jiren all forms and Anime and FighterZ Attacks.
  • Vegeta all forms of all Sagas with Anime Attacks and BT3 Attacks.
  • Zamasu and Black Goku with Anime Attacks.
  • Gogeta and Broly with BT4 Model and Anime attacks.
  • Beerus with Xv2 Model and BT3 Attacks.
  • Kefla and Caulifla with BT4 model and Attacks.
  • Android 21 FighterZ model in BT4 graphics.
  • Female and Male Gogeta SSJ4 with BT4 Attacks.

Menu Permanent

The menu is already settled and permanently attached with the iso so you don't have to or need to download any extra additional files of menu. That is really the best things about this mod and also it doesn't crashes on any characters. The gameplay is very smooth and without any lagging problems.

How To Download DBZ TTT mods on Android:-

  1. First of all download the PSP emulator latest version on your android phone. I suggest to download PSP from Google Playstore and if you've got already a PSP emulator so confirm to update that to the most recent .
  2. After installed PSP now download any of those mods which you wish.
  3. After downloading , check the file format of downloaded file, if it's ISO so you'll just start play this game on your PSP emulator but if it's Rar, Zip & 7z rather than ISO so you've got to extract it first by using 7Zipper or RAR app. You can use anyone, and after extract just choose the ISO file & start play the sport within the PSP emulator.
  4. Android Device should be
  5. Ram - Should be 2GB
  6. ROM - Should be 16 GB
  7. Version - Should be 5.0 and above
  8. Battery - Should be 4000 Mah as it exhaust battery faster while playing.
  9. File Type - ISO is needed to play
  10. File type - RAR, Zip, 7Z must extract first to start out play the sport
  11. Supported System - PSP
  12. Use Emulator - AWE PSP, PSP Gold and PSP blue.
  13. If The mod is crashing - close up Fast memory Unstable within the System Settings of the PSP
  14. If Black Screen Comes - Use AWE PSP only to unravel Black Screen.
  15. Download Awe PSP - Search on Google ( There are thousands of Download links available for awe PSP )

Please Read all of the above-mentioned Requirements before Downloading this game.


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