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Shinobi Fight Battle Arena Mod Apk Download Naurto Ninja Mugen Apk


Hello Friends, today I am introducing a new Naruto ninja Mugen apk for Android namely Shinobi Fight Battle Arena. It's a mod Apk in which all characters are already unlocked and you have Thousands of Coins.

About Shinobi Fight Battle Arena Mod Apk

Master ninja - leaf village legend hokage return on shinobi battle arena 3. All mystic master of ninja appear
with many ancient powerful skill and jutsu. Even charka, not only from ninja training but also from monster .

Shinobi Fight: Battle Arena is 1v1 fighting game, let try and find the best favorite ninja.

Gameplay & Features:

  • - Unlocked all 28 ninja anime characters
  • - Summon System
  • - Evolusi Ninja
  • - Boss Battle
  • - 1v1, 3v3 fighting battle
  • - Best AI


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