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Z Extreme Apk DBZ Mugen Game V2 Download

 Hi Guys, Today I have brought another Mugen Dragon Ball Z game for Android in particular Z Extreme beta V2 Apk, the first was delivered seven days back and now the second form V2 is delivered. This game is still in being worked on however beta variant is delivered to show the users a brief look at the game. The illustrations of this game looks as same as Z Championship apk game which you may have played previously. In the event that not, at that point you can tap on the link to know about Z Championship apk  Dragon Ball z game for Android. So now we should thoroughly understand this game.

Z Extreme Mugen Apk Download

Z Extreme apk new Dragon Ball Z Game

At the interface, you can see Broly Legendary Super saiyan remaining on the right side and Goku and Vegeta with the animation of turning out to be Gogeta at the Left side. The foundation thought of snow mountain is taken from the new DBS Broly itself. This current game's name is Z Extreme 2 which contains Only 5 characters as of now as I previously said that it's as yet being worked on.

Game Features

1 VS 1 - This game mode isn't working. starting at now in this form, it's out of reach. Be that as it may, in the following approaching adaptations you will have the option to play and as the name describes. It's a Single player versus CPU fight mod. 

Preparing - this is the main Mode, which you can play as of now. Preparing mode is open to test the new characters, their moves and assaults. 

Shop - In the shop, there is no character and whatever the characters this game has, all are now opened. Before long, there will be numerous characters to purchase in the shop mode.

New Characters

Goku - Goku base Utilizes Kamehameha ha as his Ultimate and Non stop firings as his Super assaults. 

God - Goku can Transform into Super saiyan God. Ssj God Goku Plays Super Kamehameha ha and Ultimate Kamehameha. Goku God has Red Aura. 

Vegeta - Vegeta has just base structure starting at now. Vegeta performs Firing assaults and Galick Gun as his Ultimate move. 

Dark Goku - Goku dark has dark quality and performs dark Kamehameha assault as his Ultimate move. He can Transform into Super Saiyan Rose and plays Rose Kamehameha ha.


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