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Dragon Ball Power Warriors 12.0 Latest Version Download


Before Power Warriors 12.0 APK, we have unmistakable past changes, for example, Power Warriors 11.5, 11.0, 10.5, 10.0, 9.0, and some more. The Special thing about this game is that it offers various Dragon Ball Characters, from unquestionably the essential delivery this game had in excess of 100 Dragon ball champions. Before long it contains in excess of 200 Characters with their amazing assaults. Force Warriors is a pixelated portrayals Mugen style 2D doing fighting DBZ game with many game modes Option so we should think essentially every one of them. 

Power Warriors 12.0 apk Features

Power warriors 12.0 apk download

Super Saiyan 4 Goku - super Saiyan 4 Goku is a non bunch Goku Transformation of Dragon ball GT. This is moreover another Character with Dragon grasp hand attack as his complete move. 

New Cooler - Cooler is the old lowlife film Character of Dragon ball Z, on the past transformations of Power Warriors there were no Cooler but at this point we have cooler with his enormous imperativeness Ball attack. 

Frieza - Although the Character frieza was by then there in the past variations but at this point he plays out another savage imperativeness Ball attack as his last move. 

Vegeta Ssj 4 - Vegeta's Non statute GT Transformation now available as a playable Characters in this game. 

Change level Button - as may comprehend that to Transform to next level, you basically need to full the ki and again press the ki catch to Transform however now there is a substitute Button to Transform and Detransform. Basically top off the ki and push on the up button, in the event that you need to back ordinary, by then push on the down shock Button. 

Gameplay Features

  • Exceptional assaults 
  • Extreme assaults 
  • Ordinary Firing impacts 
  • Moment transmission 
  • Change 
  • Detransformation 
  • Ki charging 
  • Guard breaker exceptional moves 
  • Up to 3 versus 3 fight 
  • Endurance mode 
  • Fast fight 
  • Crucial 
  • Story mode 
  • Single Battle 
  • Group fight 
  • Extra Information 

Additional information

  • Game Name - Power Warriors 12.0 APK 
  • Size - 112MB 
  • Class - Arcade, Fighting 
  • Illustrations - 2D pixelated 
  • Stage - Android 
  • Adaptation required - 4.0 and up

Power Warriors 12.0 apk Download


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