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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Fighter 2 Apk Download

 Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Fighter Android Game

Hello Friends, today I am back with another amazing Dragon Ball Z game for mobile Android & iOS, the game name is dragon Ball super Kakarot Fighter 2 Apk. The first version had many Features but this second version is just amazing.

Game Features

  • Multiplayer - You can go Multiplayer through Bluetooth association. This highlights is totally disconnected and you can play multiplayer with no slack and trouble.
  • All characters opened - This is a mod Apk henceforth all characters are as of now opened and furthermore moded with the best DBZ Kakarot Textures.
  • Mugen Style ongoing interaction - interactivity is extremely astounding and engaging.
  • Arcade mode - there are certain number of stages in the arcade mode. Your task is to win the all battles and then get your reward but since all characters are already unlocked, there is no reward lol, just play for your enjoyment.
  • New menu - this modified version of Dragon Ball Tap battle contains a new menu that looks similar to Mugen game's menus. It looks too awesome and Original.

Character List

  • Goku MUI
  • Cell
  • Golden Frieza
  • Jiren
  • Vegeta
  • Krillin
  • Moro final form
  • Broly Dragon Ball super base
  • Legendary Ssj Broly
  • Hit
  • Beerus
  • Toppo
  • Goku blue
  • Vegeta Blue

Gameplay Features

  • Shot Exchange ( when special attacks clashes )
  • Blow exchange ( when punches clashes )
  • Firings
  • Special attacks
  • Ultimate attacks
  • Combos
  • Instant transmission
  • Ki charging


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