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Dragon Ball Z Legends Mugen Apk Download

Dragon Ball Legends Mugen by AlexDzy Gaming

Hello everyone, today I have brought a new Bleach vs Naruto Mod apk with only Dragon Ball Super Characters. Today I have brought another Dragon Ball Mugen game for Android with stunning Gameplay Features and Graphics which would you with so much energy. The name of this game is Dragon Ball Fighting Z, it contains simply Main Dragon Ball superheroes and Villains. This game is Extracted from Bleach versus Naruto Mugen Apk or we can say it's a Bleach versus Naruto apk containing just Dragon Ball Z Characters.

GamePlay Features

  • Firings
  • Running and Jumping
  • Kicking and Punching
  • 3 types Small Super Attacks of all Characters
  • 3 Types Ultimate Attacks for All Characters
  • Instant Transmission for attacking
  • instant Transmission for Dodging
  • Transformation of Next forms
  • Assistant Characters: you can select assistance Characters and use it in Battle.

Game Modes

  • Team Play:- in this play options you will see 2 options named Team Arcade and Team CPU. In this Play mode you can select 3 Characters and start Battles.
  • Single play:- You will also see 2 options in this play Mode Team play Options. First Single Arcade and Single Vs CPU mode. In this option you can select only 1 Character and start doing battles.
  • Traning:- You can check all Characters fighting skills in Training mode.
  • Options:- You can do Battle Mod Easy, Hard and Sound ON, Off and Gameplay quality HD, Low.

Game Name:- BVN Mod Dragon Ball Legends Mugen Apk

Game Size:- 396MB
Mod by:- AlexDzy Gaming
Android:- 9 and 10
Processor:- Snapdragon 400


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