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New Dragon Ball Mugen Fighting Z Warriors APK Android/iOS Download

 Dragon Ball Mugen Fighting Z

Hi Friends, today I will Introduce you each of the another Mugen Dragon Ball FighterZ Apk. This is a genuine Mugen APK, first time ever delivered on android which depends on Original FighterZ's Features. There are numerous Mugen on Android yet this one is simply novel thus awesome, no other Mugen game can contend with this one. This one is basically the best of all. The landing page of the game looks precisely as same as Original FighterZ, there is in a real sense no Difference between this Mugen and Fighterz.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Mugen apk contains 50 monster Ball excessively new characters, for example, Goku blue, Beerus, Kefla, Vegeta Super Saiyan blue Evolution, Broly Legendary Super Saiyan, Jiren, Vegito Blue and numerous others.

Gameplay ( How to Play + Features )

Combos - Tap the W catch to perform combos 

Firings - Tap the A with having a far hole to perform Firings ( when ki are lower than a line ) 

Exceptional Attacks - tap the foe with having a far hole to play out a unique assault ( When ki are higher than a line ) 

Extreme Attack - Tap the substance of your character on the wellbeing bar to play out a definitive assault. ( when your character is in the Burst mod and your all lines ki are full ) 

The most effective method to enact Burst mod - it will initiate without anyone else as the foe beats you. 

Moment transmission - Double tap on where you need to transport your character. 

Ki Charging - Touch your character to charge your ki. 

Protection - keep down your character to utilize safeguard.
  • Instant Transmission without costing ki
  • Defense
  • Normal Combos
  • Advanced combos
  • Special attacks
  • Ultimate attack
  • Firings
  • Ki charging
  • Ultimate attacks needs full ki charge + Burst mod to perform.
  • Special attacks are playable by costing a line of ki.
  • Firings cost half line of ki
  • There are total 3 lines of ki power
  • Beam Struggle - If you want to win beam Struggle then all you have to do is tap the screen as fast as possible.
  • Combo clash - tap the green buttons to win combo clashes.
Download DB Mugen Fighting Z Warriors APK for Android/iOS


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