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Dragon Ball Z Galaxy Heroes APK Download DBZ Game

DBZ Galaxy Heroes APK 

DBZ Galaxy Heroes is more similar to a redesigned form of Z champions that has significantly more characters, Transformations and new assaults. As you may realize that Z champions apk contain just 5 characters, in spite of the fact that the game is exceptionally addictive yet because of absence of Characters, it looses the occasion to get mainstream like Power Warriors and Bleach versus Naruto and numerous other non Official rounds of Dragon Ball. 

Game Modes 

DBZ Galaxy Heroes APK

DBZ Galaxy Heroes Mugen apk

Solo Mode – You Fight with CPU by choosing your 1 most loved character, you can likewise choose your foe to battle with. It's single round take on conflict mode or we can say it's a free fight mode. 

Couple Mode – It's online multiplayer mode, you can Play with your companions online by associating your wifi hotspot association, just 3G information association is expected to play it. 

Preparing Mode – by the manner in which the controls are excessively straightforward, there are no key blend moves, you simply need to tap on a specific Button to play out a move, it's not all that hard yet at the same time considering looking at the preparation mode Before you go for a genuine match. 

Competition – There are 8 Characters In the competition mode, you will Fight with the Top 4 contenders and in the wake of winning the competition you get coins through which you can open the Characters. 

Interactivity Features 

  • Ki charging 
  • Atmospheres 
  • Punches and kicks 
  • Exceptional assaults 
  • Extreme assaults 
  • Change 
  • Ordinary Firing Blasts 


  • Xicore 
  • Ssj 5 Goku 
  • Ssj 5 Vegeta 
  • Caulifla 
  • Xeno Broly 
  • Erbito 
  • Gohan base 
  • Frieza


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