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GTA San Andreas for iOS/Android/PC with PSP Emulator

 The most famous GTA game before GTA 5 is obviously GTA san Andreas developed and published in OCT 2004 by Rockstar Company.  After release, it became popular and so famous among the youth because of its open world graphics and ability to commit any type of crime. People enjoy implementing cheat codes and getting super cars, bikes and even helicopters in an instant.

GTA San Andreas: iOS/PC and Android

GTA San Andreas iOS Android

GTA San Andreas PPSSPP

You can play this GTA San Andreas by installing PSP Gold or normal PSP on your Android, iOS and PC. The game size is highly compressed to a minimum of 78 MB zip file so that you can download it easily.

About Game

There are bosses in the game who will give you missions to accomplish.  In the beginning, the boss will give you too easy to do missions like Killing 2 people, who are foes of your boss.  Of course, it is very easy to crush them with a car or bike or truck.  As you progress, the mission will become more serious and difficult, with the police following you on each mission.  Missions like robbing a bank, killing bunch of people, taking control of a helicopter are incredible.  There are more than 80 missions within the game and the first 15 missions are easy to complete and all other missions are more interesting and arduous to complete.

This modified version iso of GTA Vice was built with skins, graphics and characters from GTA San Andreas.  You can play with Carl Johnson also called CJ and complete vice city missions.  Although the missions are the same as in the original vice-city, but characters and graphics are from GTA San Andreas.  You can get weapons by fighting with the police, killing them and grabbing weapons.  To obtain more powerful weapons, you must complete more missions, so you will obtain super weapons during the completion of the missions.

How to Download

It's not that hard to download it, all you need to do is, Download the highly Compressed Zip file,  link given below, extract it, and start play. If you are facing any trouble regarding download links and installation, then feel free to inform me.

Download Moded ISO


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