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GTA San Andreas Download Android 100mb Obb file and apk latest version

GTA San Andreas Download Android 100mb Description

There are a lot of individuals looking for the most effective answers to download the GTA San Andreas APK without encountering any difficulties. They do not want to cope with anything similar to that, and they want to get the game as soon as possible. This Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mod Apk is quite easy to use, but there are likely a lot of factors that you need to take into consideration before you can finally play GTA San on your android smartphone or tablet.

Gta san Andreas Obb file 100mb download

Gta san Andreas highly compressed Android


Interface gta

You will be able to install Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on android smartphones after reading this post because I will explain how to obtain the GTA San Andreas Apk OBB data. There are a lot of tutorials available for this game, but almost all of them will instruct you to get the IPS file, alter it using Blockland or Procon, and then install it via custom recovery. This whole procedure is fine, but it's simple enough that you may make a mistake and then blame yourself for it.

I am providing the Apk+OBB data for GTA San Andreas, which has been greatly compressed and will take up just 100MB on an Android device. From our website, the GTA SA apk file is readily available for download. I will also provide a link to an alternate download location for GTA San Andreas 100MB.

CJ - The Main Character 

After his mother's passing, Carl moves back to his birthplace of Los Santos from Liberty City, where he had been residing before. There, Carl is greeted by two corrupt law enforcement officers by the names of Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski. Carl is transported by the police protection to the territory held by Front Yard Ballas. After that, the officers toss CJ out of a moving police vehicle and say that they will get in contact with him later.

Shortly after attending the funeral of his mother, Carl comes to the realisation that the rest of his family, as well as his old gang, the Grove Street Families, are having difficulties with certain adversaries. Carl observes that he is being drawn back into the life of crime that he may once have endeavoured to put behind.

Missions of Carl Johnson

  • Big Smoke (mission)
  • Sweet & Kendle (mission)
  • Ryder (mission)
  • Tagging Up Turf
  • Cleaning The Hood
  • Drive-Thru
  • Nines And AK’s
  • Drive-By
  • Sweet’s Girl
  • Cesar Vialpando (mission)
  • OG Loc (mission)
  • Running Dog
  • Wrong Side Of The Tracks
  • Just Business
  • Home Invasion
  • Catalyst
  • Robbing Uncle Sam
  • Life’s A Beach
  • Madd Dogg’s Rhymes
  • Management Issues
  • House Party
  • High Stakes, Low Rider
  • Burning Desire
  • Gray Imports
  • Doberman
  • Los Sepulcros
  • Reuniting The Families
  • The Green Sabre
  • A Home In The Hills
  • Vertical Bird
  • Home Coming
  • Beat Down On B Dup
  • Cut Throat Business
  • Grove 4 Life
  • Riot
  • Los Desperados
  • End Of The Line (final mission)

Features of Gta san Andreas Android Highly Compressed

  • The offline version of the GTA San Andreas Mod Apk is now available to download from the Play Store.
  • Enhanced visuals, a wider variety of vehicles, and a more authentic gaming experience.
  • Open-world gameplay, real-time day and night cycles, and a variety of weather conditions are all available for players to enjoy.
  • The game may now be played with your friends through Facebook, and there have been some improvements made to the gliding mechanism.
  • Gamers have the ability to write their own adventures and share them with other players from across the globe in Los Santos.
  • Stunning visuals, a vast open environment, and the ability to play for as long as you choose are all features of this game. Even the multiplayer mode allows you to develop your own strategies.
  • Create a character who is larger, stronger, and quicker than the typical street punk by modifying their attributes.
  • The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mod Apk includes a virtual character that can have conversations, as well as locations, vehicles, and the ability to earn money.
  • Fight other players from across the world via the internet and move freely throughout the full map without any loading or pausing.

If you are having trouble installing your GTA San Andreas Apk+OBB Data file game on your Android phone or are getting an error message that says the OBB file is missing, then you should follow the procedures that are provided in the following paragraphs. After you have downloaded the GTA San Andreas apk+OBB data file onto your mobile device, you will need to create a new folder in the android/OBB directory that contains the com.rockstargames.gtasa file. After this, you will need to extract the file that is included inside it. Finally, you have completed the installation of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mobile on your mobile device and can now begin playing this incredible game.

Game Requirements

  • It is important to have an Android version that is equivalent to or higher than 4.0 Free storage space of at least 2.4GB in addition to the appropriate spaces on the SD card as you move through games you have created. The amount of space that should be available should be at least 2.7 or 3 GB in total.
  • You do not need to be root to activate it, nor is there any other specific need.
  • A strong CPU is not required; all you need is an armv7 or a model that is functionally equivalent. Regarding the amount of RAM, a minimum of 2 gigabytes is necessary.
  • A speed of 1.8 gigahertz is the bare minimum suggested.
  • Android 7.0/7.1.2 [Nougat]
  • Only Compatible with Version 7.0 and Later.

How to Download & Install GTA San Andreas Android Obb file 100mb highly compressed

If you are receiving an error that indicates the OBB file is missing or if you are having difficulties downloading your GTA San Andreas Android apk OBB data file game on your android phone, then you should follow the instructions that are given in the following paragraphs. Your mobile device will need to have the apk+OBB data file for GTA San Andreas downloaded onto it before you can begin playing the game. Next, you will need to make a new folder inside of android/OBB to store the com.rockstargames.gtasa file. This folder should be named "gtasa." After finishing this step, you will need to extract the file that is located inside of it. After doing all of this, you will at long last be able to install Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Android on your portable device and get started playing this amazing game.

Before you can play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on your mobile device, you will need to download the game onto your device.
After that, you will need to extract the OBB file into the directory that can be found at /Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtasa. After that has been completed, the game can be played.
It is time for you to start playing the game on your phone, and we are hoping that you like it.

Download APK + OBB FILE 


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