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Indus Battle Royale Apk Download For Android 2023

 Your iOS or Android device is now able to receive the beta version of Indus Battle Royale Apk + OBB Download, and you can grab it here. Download the Indus Battle Royale Alpha APK right now to take part in the first round of extensive testing for the game's Alpha version. We need you to stay to the very end so that we can provide you with all of the necessary information.

Indus Battle Royale Gameplay

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Indus Battle Royale graphics

About Indus Battle Royale 

NameIndus Battle Royale Mobile
DeveloperSuperGaming SG
PlatfromAndroid & IOS
GenreBattle Royale
ModNo Mod

The Indian company SuperGaming has announced the release of their new mobile battle royale game, Indus Battle Royale Beta Apk, for both Android and iOS.

Due to the burgeoning gaming industry in India, a slew of Indian mobile game development studios have sprung up, each dedicated to the production of innovative and entertaining mobile games. Indus Battle Royale is an upcoming mobile game from SuperGaming that is based in India and will be the subject of this article.

Indian studio SuperGaming is responsible for hit titles like MaskGun and Devil Among Us. There are a plethora of mobile games with a "battle royale" option. Games like PUBG Mobile, BGMI, Free Fire, and Call of Duty: Mobile are examples. The market for battle royale games may be lacking at the moment, but that doesn't hold true for games created by Indian studios.

Some quick information about the game:

People say that "Indus" is the greatest thing that humanity has ever done.

Currently, SuperGaming is in India creating a battle royale game called "Indus" for a global rollout.

You play the part of a Mythwalker throughout the game. You are a contracted assassin working for the interstellar corporation COVEN, and you have been tasked with protecting the ancient and technologically superior planet Indus from any threats to COVEN's interests.

There is still a lack of knowledge about Indus even among the most technologically evolved cultures, despite significant space travel. These islands have never been settled, have only been lightly explored, and are in a continual state of change.

The country of Indus is rumoured to be rife with myths, mysteries, and marvels unlike any the world has ever seen. No one could have ever predicted that this planet existed in the cosmos before you showed up. However, you were the one who finally figured it out.

COVEN is interested in the Indus region for its potential natural resources after reports surfaced of an almost endless supply of cosmium there.

Indus Battle Royale Game for Android and iOS Mobile 

In Indus, everything takes place on a dynamic island map (named Virlok) that is always changing.

The Indus Battle Royale video game may be enjoyed on mobile phones, desktop computers, and gaming consoles.

You can get Indus Battle Royale for nothing on both iOS and Android. To take part, you won't have to pay a dime. To make money, we plan to implement in-app purchases, just like the majority of other battle royale games.

We are pretty far along in production of Indus Battle Royale android ios, however we have not yet decided which growth mechanics will be most suited to the game.

Effectively Delivered by Working Together

While the Unity engine is used for the PC version of Indus Battle Royale, the Indus Engine is used for the mobile version of this sandbox shooter game. Our organisation recognises that mobile gamers have made up the largest hardware subset of the gaming industry, and we aim to treat them with the courtesy they deserve.

We found that targeting mobile devices with Unity was much simpler and quicker than with other commercial game engines due to its feature set, toolchain, and significantly decreased runtime footprint. All of this is made possible by using Unity.

They've utilised Unity to make a wide range of first-person shooters, so they know the platform well. We spent a lot of time debating between Unity and another engine, but in the end, we decided to go with Unity so that we could leverage our prior knowledge of the platform and get the game out to players as soon as possible.

Those who like first-person shooters will have fun with This Game.

Like other fans of first-person shooters, you might be hoping that your arsenal will already be well-stocked when the game first begins. Heavy weapons can mean anything from a hand cannon to an assault rifle to a sniper rifle. Still, this is by no means a complete catalog. A first piece of concept art for Ashvini, our double-barreled burst-fire sniper, has been posted to our Discord. If you prefer, you can also check it out here.

For the time being, it seems like players control the action in first-person. Regardless of whether or not SuperGaming will eventually adopt a third-person perspective.

Prior games by SuperGaming, such as Silly Royale and Mask Gun, fostered online community through player interaction. The developer will make necessary adjustments if they are serious about creating a top-tier battle royale experience.

SuperGaming's Roby John discussed their plans for Indus in a previous interview with Sportskeeda, describing the game as a "made-in-India for-the-world battle royale." The game's setting is India, so the joke is obvious. In a recent tweet, he made a brief mention of the game, calling it the "most ambitious game generated in Indian gaming so far."

When Will Indus Battle Royale Be Available in India and Elsewhere?

Possibly releasing in 2022, Indus is a massively multiplayer online battle arena game currently in development. Fans of the developer's previous work and gamers interested in the aforementioned subgenre have shown an immediate and strong desire to play the game.

We expect the vast majority of Android and iOS devices currently on the market to be compatible with the game upon its release. Check back here for more information as it becomes available, or join us on Discord in the meantime.

Due to the game's early development stage, we have not yet determined a base set of requirements for Indus Battle Royale's playability on various platforms. Nonetheless, as with our previous titles, compatibility is a major consideration.

The release of a fully functional version of the game is scheduled for March of 2023.

Several strategies are employed to prevent dishonesty. For the Indus Battle Royale beta to be a success, it's crucial that players feel like they have an equal shot at victory. Just like we do with MaskGun and Silly Royale, we will be on the lookout for any suspicious activity and will act accordingly to stop it before it causes harm to the community.

In our internal testing, we're only able to use the Indus Battle Royale Free-to-Play version at the moment, but we're working on adding the Premium version as soon as possible.

 Download Indus Battle Royale Apk + OBB For Android & iOS 2023 (Pre-register)

  • When you press the "Download" button, another button labelled "Download Now" will display around 20 seconds later.
  • The download will start as soon as you click the "Download Now" button.
  • If you want to instal the app, you'll need to go into the Android system settings and enable Unknown Source first.
  • After you've installed the apk and obb files, you can begin playing Indus Battle Royale Beta.


India-themed smartphone game Indus Battle Royale is in development by SuperGaming. Users of Android and iOS devices can now access the beta version of the game and give it a try. You are a hired assassin tasked with keeping the planet Indus safe from invaders. Mobile phones, desktop computers, and game consoles can all play Indus Battle Royale. Every action takes place on an ever-evolving island map.

Our double-barreled burst-fire sniper Ashvini now has her first piece of concept art, and it can be seen on our Discord server. Game developers are already at work on Indus Fighting Royale, a massively multiplayer online battle arena game. If the developer wants to produce a truly great battle royale game, they will make the necessary improvements.


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