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About Shame By Skyler Mason 

Book Name:Shame
Author:Skyler Mason
GenreRelationship Books
File Type:PDF/EPUB (Downloadable)
PDF Size:4.04 MB
She was raised in a culture that puts a premium on being good and appearing good. He is known as the campus "bad boy" by everyone. In the end, he marries her because he stole her virginity as payback, and she won his heart in the process.

Vanessa is the ideal pawn for Carter to use in carrying out his plan of revenge. The young woman who just announced on social media that she would no longer be a virgin in thirty days provides the ideal occasion for the man to publicly shame his affluent religious family.

All of their dealings with one another will amount to a straightforward trade of services. College athlete's chance for success hinges on her confession that he took her virginity.

Now that he has her, though, he wants more than just revenge.

He is no longer satisfied with merely receiving her adoration.

He cares exclusively about himself and the success of his own endeavours.

About the Author

Skyler prefers reading romance novels to any other type of literature. Her stories feature independent women who, on occasion, lead their male counterparts to shed a tear—but only when those men truly deserve it. When there is no tension between partners, why bother with a romantic relationship at all?

An Overview of the Book

For example, the story's protagonist, Vanessa, hails from a society that prizes chastity and purity. Even though this is book 2 of a series, it stands well on its own. She doesn't hide the fact that she wants to end her virginity. Earlier this month, she told her legion of tiktok devotees that she was running out of time to "do it." The protagonist, Vanessa, was a fiercely confident lady who never held back her thoughts. Sincere and grounded in reality, she was a breath of fresh air. She could read people's minds and understand what they were trying to convey by the way they were behaving.

Carter. He's known as the school's resident bad boy. That's quite experienced in sexual behaviour and acts sexually frequently. As much as possible, he sidestepped talking about what had happened before. After talking to him, I figured things around here would start to heat up gradually. His generous nature more than makes up for the fact that he was able to have a privileged upbringing because to his trust fund. Not caring about his status in society. He's perfect in every way that a golden retriever should be.

As the first to fall, he will fall the hardest. He fantasises about her constantly, but when they finally meet, he's let down. It's as if the very earth were moving beneath our feet. To him, these emotions are completely out of the blue and he has no idea how to deal with them because he doesn't recognise them.

Huge amounts of "you're mines," wants, needs, and admiration accompanied the deep level of closeness that had developed.
Being able to watch these characters grow as the story progressed was a treat. They're strong both separately and in combination. In a reciprocal way, they both calm and relax you. They complimented each other very well as a couple.

That seemed like a more serious story at first, but I was incorrect. Since I gained so much knowledge, I can't say that I'm disappointed. While the concept of "self-preservation" is not foreign to me, I had no idea that a "purity culture" even existed until reading this. As well as the feelings one has towards oneself and others as a result. My ignorance of their ages would occasionally be jarred awake by the realisation that they were no longer children. For this reason, I'd be interested in checking out more of Skylar Mason's work.

I was on the edge of my seat because of how quickly Carter and Vanessa fell in love. Because of my nervousness, I would constantly gnaw on my fingernails and cry into my pillow. I was deeply moved by their sincere affection for one another and the tender moments they shared. I couldn't help but chuckle as I witnessed Vanessa bring Carter to his knees with her wit and candour. In light of the fundamental differences in their designs, it's baffling that they compliment one another so well. That's an absolutely incredible story. It never failed to be entertaining, interesting, or thought-provoking. Impatiently awaiting the next chapter.

Shame by Skyler Mason Epub/PDF Free Download  

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