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Fajr and Noor Book PDF/Epub By SHukr Free Download

 At the bottom of this post you'll find a link to a free download of the English and Hindi versions of S hukr's book Fajr and Noor in Epub/PDF format.

Fajr and Noor Book

Fajr and Noor Book pdf

About Fajr and Noor Book PDF 

Book Name:Fajr and Noor Book
Author:S hukr
File Type:PDF/EPUB (Downloadable)
PDF Size:1.04 MB
The book is a compilation of poetry and quotes called Fajr and Noor. A book filled to the brim with divine light that can purify your heart and make you a better Muslim. In this way of life, you adorn yourself with Noor every morning and begin your day with the recitation of Fajr.

About the Author

You and I are both tourists here. To see the Lord, I must travel. What Allah praises in me and what he commands of me are the only things that define me. My hope is that the efforts I put into my writing, my work, and my good intentions will pay dividends not only for me, but for you and everyone else who is seeking meaning in their lives. I hope that in the end, the good work I do will benefit everyone. I never in a million years thought I'd write a book, much less that it would serve as an inspiration to thousands. I still praise Allah for the opportunity he has bestowed upon me. My whole life changed when I finally understood what God had been trying to tell me through His words. My hope in penning these books is that they will serve as catalysts for positive social change, and it seems like this is happening. I hope Allah guides us all to his light, and I hope to see you in Jannah.

Synopsis of the Book: Fajr and Noor

My feelings about this book are all over the place, but alright. Let's start with the good things first. The novel interpretations of traditional Islamic rituals like the salah were a huge highlight for me. The encouraging words about strengthening one's faith through study of the Quran were also greatly appreciated. In contrast, there was that tiny sampling of poetry that was simply rough and unpolished. The use of terms like "bro" and "idk" in your poetry has always confused me. They're supposed to be lyrical.


The title piqued my interest, so I bought it, expecting to find inspirational stories and sound advice (which is also mentioned in the synopsis). I only looked at a few pages, but it already seemed offbeat. This book has many problems, the first of which is that it has been incorrectly classified as Islamic. There are a few quotes in the book that touch on the subject, but I didn't particularly care for the tone they were written in. Unfortunately, that's not the only flaw in this book. The writer claimed that while the reader was busy falling in love with Satan's music, the writer was falling in love with God's word. It doesn't seem like sound advice to give someone in this manner, does it? This is just one example of many similar quotations on the internet.

Secondly, the author has plagiarised the work of others and then signed his own name under the citations. Using another writer's ideas while changing a few words here and there is unethical. Making fun of women who sported beards was highly insensitive.

It was written in a way that made the speaker appear to be rambling and typing incoherently, and it was full of redundant details and irrelevant quotes. The cover art and title of this book have both been designed to mislead. It was not appropriate reading material.

Fajr and Noor Book EPUB/PDF Free Download 

Download link for Fajr and Noor Book PDF and Epub is available at WhoisIdentity.Com, you can search it on Google.


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