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Requited Unrequited Love Epub/PDF Free Download Book by Mina Ramzy

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Requited Unrequited Love Epub

About Requited Unrequited Love ePub 

Book Name:Requited Unrequited Love
Author:Mina Ramzy
Language:Bilingual (Both English & Hindi)
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:2.40 MB 

Even though the rest of the world recognises her as an adult, her mother, who blindly adheres to cultural norms, does not believe she has entered adulthood. Despite having both parents who emigrated to the United States from Egypt, Kristina's environment is incredibly dismal. It's hard for her to check off the boring items on her various bucket lists when she still lives at home and has so little independence.

Kristina, a psychology major, develops an online persona named Eve to correspond with her pen buddy Adam. She doesn't trust men in general because of their shared past, but she makes an exception for him.
Kristina is aware that the moment she says “I do,” things will mysteriously change for the better. She may dislike having her wishes granted, but the independence that comes from knowing her husband would back her up no matter what she decides to do will more than make up for it. Despite its drawbacks, the bargain is the finest option available, as it entails receiving two benefits for the price of one.

Today, Augustine will provide his actual recommendation. The one and only catch is that! Kristina despises him because he is pompous and unpleasant. To him, she is not especially attractive either, but he has made a deal that will benefit him in the long run.

They share the same sentiments and thus agree to wed, only to separate after the wedding festivities are over.

Also, the inverse is true. They don't realise that they are direct descendants of Adam and Eve.

From this mess, we'll all emerge victorious. Please keep to business only.

The question that needs to be answered is, “What may potentially go wrong?” Except that they are spared the trials of love, rejection, and betrayal that plague us mere mortals.

About the Author

In her writings, the Egyptian novelist Mina Ramzy weaves together her passions for the subjects of psychology and fiction writing. She hopes, first, to get people thinking about important problems, and second, to show how relationships between individuals can be powerful. And to make all efforts to ensure that readers can identify with the characters she creates.

The best love stories for her are the ones where the protagonists first despise one other but end up falling in love. After the slow burn causes a chasm between them, the ceremony ends with them back together, in love and in hate. Honestly? She insists everything be kept exactly how it is.

In her downtime, she enjoys fantasising, making plans for the future, playing with her cat, indulging in an unhealthy amount of chocolate, and reflecting on her own life. Alternatively, she could be thinking about what to do next.

A Synopsis of the Book "Requited, Unrequited Love"

It took one person with a broken heart to mend another. She proved to him that women could and did love and respect him. He validated her worthiness of a man's affection by treating her with kindness and respect.

To put it another way, an Arab marriage of convenience is like a combination of the cultural norms of that region with the Hollywood film You've Got Mail.

Story on American Society 

For as long as I can remember, I have been on the lookout for a story that adequately portrays the life-altering effects of being surrounded by the American society. I am, of course, talking to the institution of marriage. I really didn't understand what you were getting at. Our parents restrict us to inquire further, yet we are expected to have some background knowledge. We're just supposed to roll over and accept that we need to drop everything and give our undivided attention to a male. Well, it's not terrible. But, we attribute malicious intent to it because we fail to comprehend it. So naturally, I stress and keep telling myself that I will never marry an Arab man.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, this great writer appeared in my inbox, saying, "I observed you suffer being Middle Eastern and dislike marriage, let me provide you a novel with exactly what you're experiencing and reel in your hate, to love."

As a Syrian American, I found it interesting that the Egyptian author and his intended audience of young readers shared such a similar perspective on the cultures of Syria and Egypt. The story she recounted included every idea I've ever wanted to express. If you are Muslim and considering reading this book, I feel obligated to tell you that you shouldn't read it because you are Muslim; you should read it because you are a female from the Middle East, North Africa, or South Asia. Please consider checking it out for the sake of CULTURE. This is not written from the perspective of a Muslim woman, but it bears repeating with great emphasis: in our native lands, our blad, we are one and the same, and always have been. Due to our constant connection to our past, we no longer know how to distinguish between ourselves. All of our marriages are predetermined and prearranged because that's how it's always been done.

Kristina's Feeling (an Arab Women)

Kristina's thoughts perfectly capture how I feel. I loathe love, marriage, Arab men, when our parents put too much emphasis on religion in cultural practises, and the mystical underpinnings of Arab culture as a whole. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, all of which are widely practised in our countries, do not discourage women from pursuing careers in which males and females undertake equal work. This isn't the case, though, and the problem lies in the ways in which our culture leads us to believe it is.

Very astute observation by Mina Ramzy. She was not successful in turning you against your own culture, but she was in educating you about it. She made you accept, and even embrace, the highs and lows, the similarities and differences, and everything in between. She has the ability to turn anyone into a hopeless romantic. And the exquisiteness of it made me cry. Which is to say, surprisingly, there are GOOD GUYS to be found in our culture. There doesn't need to be more than one Romeo in a world full of Caesars.

You should know!! Some viewers may be distressed by the depiction of sexually intimate scenes between two adult Arabs and by references to tragic experiences.

Mina, you have expressed the feelings of many Arab women.

Because so much of what you've written is based on your own experiences and serves as inspiration, please know that your acknowledgment brought me to uncontrollable sobs.

Requited Unrequited Love Pdf/EPUB Free Download 


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