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Saving 6 Epub/PDF Download by Chloe Walsh

  The free Epub/PDF of Saving 6 by Chloe Walsh is available in both English and Hindi at the URL mentioned below.

Saving 6 Epub pdf

Saving 6 Epub Information 

Book Name:Saving 6
Author:Chloe Walsh
File Type:PDF/EPUB (Downloadable)
PDF Size:1.04 MB

Joey Lynch has just finished rehab for the drug addiction that nearly took his life, and he is eager to begin rebuilding his life as soon as possible. As he continues to deal with the trauma of losing his entire family and the spectres of his past, he is finding it harder and harder to maintain his fragile grip on sobriety. He's had to adapt to a completely new setting at both home and school, and he's found it difficult. Joey is ready to fight tooth and nail to prove to his understanding girlfriend that he can mature into a responsible parent for their unborn child.

This is your chance, young man, to make a comeback.

You can either put up a fight or get out of here.

Take a trip to Ireland with the Boys of Tommen series and experience firsthand the world of adolescent rugby, complete with all the accompanying drama, romance, and heartbreak.

The reader should proceed with caution, as some of the material may be disturbing to certain people. Adults should be the only ones to read Saving 6 due to its explicit content, which includes some strong language, mature themes, and disturbing scenes.

Author Notes

Author Chloe Walsh has written heartbreaking stories for young adults and new adults, making her a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. You won't be able to put down her books because you'll become engrossed in the lives of her complex, sensual heroes, amusing sidekicks, and loving female heroines. You can bet on a dark plot that will make you feel like you read the most miserable novel ever written whenever you embark on an adventure with Chloe.

Chloe and her two young children and their tall, dark, and attractive companion, Garry, an adult Newfoundland dog, live in a little village on the scenic West Cork coast of Ireland. It's likely that when Garry isn't dragging her through the farmer's fields and country lanes, she's reading on her Kindle, watching Game of Thrones, reading up on rugby, listening to her enormous Spotify playlists, or being a fantastic mother to her autistic kid.

Synopsis of the Book Saving 6 Epub/PDF

Amazing, in a word; read the book. This is so brilliantly worded that I can scarcely take it. Feelings of all kinds, from grief to joy to rage to trauma to humour to spice, are all represented. The book is tremendously sad and hauntingly beautiful in its more difficult parts, but it will have you laughing out loud in its funny parts.

Part 2 will be released in March and features a little cliffhanger. As this book takes place before the events of Binding/Keeping 13, this is why. Joey (Shannon's brother) and Aoife dated, and if you read that duet, you know that Joey had a drug problem. This book describes Joey's childhood and how his friendship with Aoife developed. Please, have a look at this book again. Amazing development has taken place.
Without a doubt! There's a moderate amount of heat, but the author has promised that the following novel will be much more intense.
Meanings: high school; gloomy; sunny; young love; the slow burn; enemies-to-lovers;

The concept of unhealthy attachments is used as a central metaphor. This is shown through the dynamics of five sets of protagonists and antagonists: Joey and Aoife (the MCs), who are each other's ride or die despite his drug use as a result of the emotional and physical abuses he has suffered, with a knock-on effect on her as she must learn to love a junkie; Paul and Aoife (Paul is Aoife's narcissistic boyfriend who belittles her but manages to win her

Story Summary 

Chloe Walsh makes use of these ties to illustrate how simple it is to fall into abusive behaviours one doesn't recognise, and how one's pain may be passed down through the generations if one doesn't break the cycle of violence. Joey, a nice, hurt, closed off, kind person, is the first member of his family to wish to halt the cycle of trauma and violence, but he is still a product of it. He knows he can count on Aoife since she consistently demonstrates her gratitude for his efforts and commitment to him. As upsetting as it was to witness him progressively slip into addiction, it was more so because he had worked so hard to overcome his troubles and had sought counselling at every available opportunity.

Contrarily, Aoife is an outgoing extrovert who is not frightened of conflict and who will not accept "no" when it comes to Joe. It was evident that he needed it. Even though she was always nice to him, he never worked up the courage to ask her out. My feelings for her are serious, and I wanted that to be documented. Despite her self-assurance, she was amusing without coming across as a shrew or a prickly/hard ball buster.

Even if my protagonists and antagonists are angry with one other and have said hurtful things in the heat of the moment, I still believe that they would fight to protect each other if necessary. This data was voluntarily provided by Aoife and Joey. Their adversarial beginnings and her attraction to another character ensured that they saved their best characteristics for one another by the story's end.

Saving 6 Chloe Walsh Epub/PDF Download 

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