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About The Fine Print Epub 

Book Name:The Fine Print
AuthorLauren Asher 
GenreRelationship Books
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:1.04 MB

For a living, I spin tales fit for princesses.
Amusement parks with various attractions. Firms involved in production. Hotels with five stars.
If I updated Dreamland, I could have everything for myself.
Hiring Zahra seemed like a good plan at the time, but after I kissed her, I quickly realised that it was a bad idea.
When I sent her a text message under a false identity, things quickly escalated out of control.
It was already too late by the time I realised my error.
In fiction, I, and people like me, never reach a happy ending.
Certainly not when we're already doomed to destroy them.

I should have been fired after submitting a drunk proposal that criticised Dreamland's most expensive ride.
On the other hand, Rowan Kane presented me with a fantastic employment opportunity.
However, there is a catch. The boss I worked for was the most demanding person I've ever encountered.
While my head knew that Rowan was off-limits, my heart didn't care.
Not until I uncovered his little secret, anyway.
The billionaire needed to learn that money couldn't buy happiness.
None of us, in particular.

The Fine Print is the first in a trilogy of novels about three billionaire brothers who are all connected to each other.

About the Author  

Lauren, who lives from an overactive imagination, uses her free time to read and write. Her ultimate goal is to visit all of the places she writes about in her books. She likes to write about damaged yet likeable characters that the reader can't help but fall in love with. She enjoys telling fast-paced stories that are filled with angst, steam, and the full range of emotions.

Why you Should read this Book? 

Lauren Asher's new Dreamland Billionaires Series begins with the enchanting The Fine Print. This book is a fantastic take on the billionaire/workplace/grumpy guy/happy girl cliche.
It's said of her, "She's divine, with enough depravity to make a sinner like me want to pray in adoration."

Zahra is like a bright beacon that illuminates whatever space she enters. She currently holds down a job at the Dreamland Salon, but would much rather be a Creator. Rowan, on the other hand, is the perpetually busy, icy businessman. That's what makes Rowan and Zahra so great together—they're opposites in every way.

After his grandfather's death, Rowan is left with the responsibility of restoring his family's stake in Dreamland to its former glory so that he can inherit the remaining 18% of the business. Zahra and Rowan finally meet, and instant chemistry exists between them. I really enjoyed the interaction between them. Their growing closeness was palpable and believable.

I was captivated from the very first scene and couldn't stop grinning throughout. I was fawning over Rowan the entire time because the relationship was so wonderful. She knew he was the one after he watched Pride and Prejudice for her.

You guys really should read this.

Book Summary 

It has one of the best examples of the grumpy-sunny cliche. The h gradually, but surely, morphs the brooding H into a lost puppy who follows her about at every available opportunity.

The banter was of the highest calibre. Zahra didn't give a single thing about laughing in his face or calling him out on the garbage he was talking about.

Zahra is a ray of light, but she's no pushover, and I loved watching her put Rowan in his place. The fact that Rowan's grumpiness stems from being put down so often as a youngster softened him up to the world for me, and I have a soft spot for disturbed grumpy men in general.
To fear falling in love out of concern for the suffering that would result from losing that person is a perfectly reasonable reaction.

Aside from the fantastic people, the book also featured exciting settings, such as a trip to a theme park, a bowling alley, and a pumpkin-carving session with her younger sister as part of a mentoring programme. Not to add the secret identity texting aspect of the plot, which I found quite interesting.

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