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The Sinful King pdf

About The Sinful King Claire Contreras Book PDF 

Book Name:The Sinful King
Author:Claire Contreras
Language:Bilingual (Both English & Hindi)
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:1.68 MB
Prince Elias's eccentric behaviour and stories were common knowledge among anyone who had even a cursory acquaintance with Marbella.

He would come here every summer with his bodyguard and a small group of his closest friends, and they would all stay in a row of waterfront cottages.

Vacation homes where my family and I spent many happy summers.

Since I was a young child, my parents have sent me to sleep away camp or boarding school every summer until I was well into my twenties. Use any means at your disposal to keep me away from the king and queen.

There wasn't a whole lot different when I returned to my hometown for the summer after being away for a while. Just like when I was a kid, Prince Elias visits every summer, but now he always comes with a disguised bodyguard and none of the regulars recognise him.

Right now there is total silence, with no signs of life or any parties in progress. There is not a single scrap of evidence suggesting he ever set foot inside the building.
I am not supposed to speak to him or make eye contact with him, but he makes it impossible for me to obey this rule.

To be honest, I'm trying to stay away from him as much as possible, but the man who will rule France is truly remarkable.

About The Author Claire Contreras

Even though she has a degree in psychology, New York Times best-selling author Claire Contreras has chosen to focus her career on writing fiction. Don't worry; she brings the same level of skill and knowledge to each and every one of her characters.

Even though she was born in the Dominican Republic, she spent most of her childhood in the Sunshine State. She currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, two adorable boys, and French bulldog. She has overcome breast cancer twice!

Her books can be loosely classified as romantic suspense or contemporary romance, and they are now being translated into more than fifteen tongues. She usually has her head in a book when she's not writing.

Quick Synopsis of Claire Contreras's "The Sinful King"

Everything in The Sinful King exceeded my wildest dreams. There was a mixture of regal opulence and a hint of depravity and stolen moments of sensuality.

My initial impressions of Prince Elias were completely wrong. Readers will understand why he can be so abrupt at times after learning about everything that rests on his shoulders and the uncertain future that lies ahead for him. It's much easier for me to empathise with the decisions he makes and the way he responds to situations because I can't put myself in his shoes. I will not try to hide my extreme admiration for this hero. During the course of watching a few of the segments, I became aware that my heart was beating a bit faster than usual. He's the one who swings the hammer in romantic relationships.

The main character (or central protagonist) was my favourite part of the story. Just imagine how difficult it must be for her to stay in the present while guarding her heart and going after the things she wants. I related to her because I believe that everyone longs to know what it's like to be swept away by the inexhaustible love of another human being. When your rational mind and emotional heart are at odds with one another, it can be very trying. This has given me a newfound respect for her bravery and the wisdom with which she has forged her own path in life.

What a fantastic tale. All around, it's a very romantic piece. The ideal that we strive for is a love that can make us better people and lasts a lifetime. HAPPILY EVER AFTER is full of grand gestures like that, and I find that their relationship is utterly captivating because of it.

Every little girl has at some point in her life dreamed of a magnificent royal romance, and The Sinful King combines the spicy adult romance that readers enjoy with that dream. Be cautious that you don't miss out!

The Sinful King Claire Contreras PDF/Epub Free Download  

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