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The Temporary Wife Catharina Maura Pdf/EPUB Free Download

 Free EPUB and PDF download of The Temporary Wife by Catharina Maura, available in both English and Hindi. Direct download link provided.

The temporary wife

About The Temporary Wife Book PDF 

The author of The Wrong Bride and Forever After All brings you an emotionally charged and provocative marriage of convenience romance involving a millionaire boss and his secretary. The story centres on a marriage of convenience between the two.

When Luca Windsor's secretary makes the decision to resign right after his family puts undue pressure on him to get into an engagement he does not want, Luca makes it his job to find a resolution to both of these problems at the same time.

... by lying to everyone and secretly marrying his secretary behind their backs instead of the woman he told them he was going to marry.

The rules are straightforward and easy to comprehend:

  1. Avoid becoming involved in any romantic relationships at any costs.
  2. They are obligated to keep their marital status a secret while they are at work.
  3. They are required to use the same bed each and every night.
  4. It was intended to be a straightforward transaction that would be to the advantage of all parties, but as time goes on, it is becoming increasingly clear to Luca that the only thing Valentina wants is the one thing he will never be able to give her.

Putting her in an independent situation.

About the Author Catharina Maura 

Catharina Maura is the best-selling novelist in the United States, according to both USA Today and Amazon. She writes contemporary romances that are full of conflict, move quickly, and break your heart on the way to a bittersweet happily ever after.

Cat's family consists of her spouse and a dozen houseplants, all of which have names. The Hong Kong home of Cat. When she's not thinking about stories to come, she's off exploring the world in search of fresh inspiration.

Synopsis of the book

There's something off-putting and pitiful about Luca, the little idiot.

Imagine using the declining health of someone's grandmother as a bargaining chip to persuade them to do your bidding.

Once, when Valentina's grandma goes missing, and again when Valentina can't afford the treatment, Luca manipulates Valentina into marrying him and staying in her work as his assistant. And I'm supposed to root for this awful doughy weirdo???

Unbeknownst to his granddaughter, Luca immediately begins using his connections to search out Valentina's grandma after she goes missing. Despite Luca's strong opposition, she approaches him with an offer: she'll continue on as his assistant if he can find her grandmother. Instead, he makes a vow to Valentina that if the two of them are married, he will find her.

After locating her grandmother in the next chapter, Luca makes it clear that she will need medical professionals' constant care and monitoring. From his tone, I gathered that Luca was well aware that Valentina couldn't afford it, and that he said so on purpose to further push her into doing what he wanted. consequently, she decides to wed him so that they may help pay for her grandmother's medical expenses.

Before I knew he was deliberately getting her blacklisted from every place she applied for new work, I had a nasty feeling about him. in addition to being engaged to OW (sure, it's arranged, but the fact that he's not single doesn't discount the fact that he's not pursuing Valentina) while knowing he can't offer her an actual relationship and ruining any dating attempts she makes.

Following that exchange, I made up my mind that I should forego reading this. Since they might have been forced into the marriage by just about anything, I thought it was a terrible example of exploitation. But it was obvious from the beginning that Luca had hidden motives and would do anything to win Valentina over.

In addition, there is something appealing about a hero who is overly possessive and forceful in his pursuit of the lady he wants. however, you shouldn't try to make a move by bringing up grandma's condition.

Luca realises now that he made a foolish choice. When you call me an asshole, my response is, "You're pathetic. OK, so tomatoes.

The Temporary Wife Catharina Maura Pdf/EPUB  Download 

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