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Heir of fire epub

About Heir Of Fire By Sarah J. Maas 

Celaena has persevered through perilous competitions and heartbreaking defeats, but at an unfathomably high cost to herself. Now, she is forced to travel overseas in order to confront her deepest, darkest secret... a secret about her family history that has the potential to irrevocably alter the path that her life will take. On the other hand, at the same time, merciless and inhuman forces are gathering with the intention of enslaving her entire world. The question that needs to be answered is whether or not Celaena possesses the wherewithal to not only confront her own personal demons, but also the evil that is about to be let free.

About the Author 

Author of the Crescent City, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Throne of Glass novels, Sarah J. Maas is now ranked as the number one bestselling author in both the New York Times and globally. Her works have been translated into thirty-seven different languages and have together sold more than twelve million copies worldwide. Sarah was born and raised in New York, but she currently resides in Philadelphia with her husband, kid, and dog. For additional information, please go to or follow the Instagram account @therealsjmaas.

Characters in the Story 


"So you would defend another nation but not your own. Why is your friend unable to defend her own realm?
"Because she's dead," The last phrase was yelled out so forcefully that it hurt her throat. "And now that she is dead, all I have is my useless life,"

*heavily sighs* Oh, Celaena! How much suffering must this poor girl bear? Reading about how she felt after Nehemia passed away, how much she ached and wished she could have been someone else, hurt. she might have been able to save her pal. Nehemia would reside in her place. Chaol would have had faith in her. He would have informed her, Oh my, Celaena's heart was a dark abyss of suffering and desperation that appeared to only deepen before it had a chance to heal. But in the end, things did improve, and I'm really glad about it! She at last discovered her inner fortitude and acknowledged her origins! This is fantastic because I am so eager to see her kick some ass! *lol* If there is any justice in your world, Sarah, please let him burn for what he did, as the King's behind is already a formidable target. You'll allow him to endure the misery he inflicted! I'm eager to witness Celaena's might in action. I suppose the palace will soon be "hot stuff";-P

"He had selected the monarch. He had pretended to love her, yet he continued to be faithful to that monster. Perhaps it was a mistake for her to let him in and to have imagined a world in which she could disregard the reality that he was the captain of the man who had repeatedly destroyed her life.

"No, all she could see were the slaves she had abandoned, the ashy mountains and those daily mass graves, and the faces of her people, who had worked beside her and whom she had abandoned. who had prayed for redemption in the vain hope that someone, anybody, would remember them; whom she had allowed herself to forget and who she had allowed to suffer.
She had left them, but it was already too late.

She was determined to keep that light on. She would spread her light—her gift—all over the world. She would illuminate the night so brilliantly that everyone who was lost, hurt, or broken would find their way to it, serving as a beacon for those who still lived there. Light, light that dispels darkness, is all that is necessary to eliminate a monster instead of a monster itself.
She didn't feel scared.


Because of what they might do to his kingdom, he was terrified. Considering that this was still his domain. He was an employee of Dorian, not of Aelin or Aedion. He also had no idea where all of this had put him.

YESH! I'm aware that Chaol had a difficult and lengthy journey, but it now appears that he is finally on the correct path! I adored how he started to have doubts about things. He was so insecure and hurt that he was forced to face his perspective on life, which ultimately led him to see through the king's meticulously maintained facade. Which is fantastic because I have faith that Chaol is a wonderful man at his core. He was just totally unaware that the server was a monster! Even yet, I'm delighted he chose Dorian, and I promise to riot if Celaena and Chaol don't do something to stop this awful ending! You must assist your Prince and legitimate king, CHAOL!

I won't abandon my kingdom or my prince, Chaol declared angrily. "I won't participate in your army's massacre of my people. And I won't renege on my promise to my father. After this, he might very well have nothing left but his honour.

Chaol stood up to depart because Aedion had been quiet for a while. What would you have given, though, just to see her again? the general remarked.
It doesn't matter now, Chaol stated while unable to turn around.

Chaol maintained his drawn sword. He hissed, "I won't go to Anielle. "And I'll stop helping you after this. There has only ever been one real king in this space. However, he is not seated on that throne.


"Once Dorian could have mentioned it before. Nevertheless, gaining magic, becoming entangled in Celaena's turmoil, and discovering that alternate reality in the hidden tunnels had all altered everything. To prevent his father or anybody else from staring at him too long, the best he could do these days was to keep a low profile.

Book Summary  

Without a doubt, Heir of Fire is one of the top books that I've ever had the pleasure of reading. It is without a doubt going to be the best book I read all year. It is deliciously long and kept me occupied for an entire day (night hours included), making me hunger to find out more, but also cause me to stop reading in the hopes that the book will not end just yet.

You have read the first two volumes in the series, and you believe that you know Celaena, right? Yes, but you couldn't be more incorrect. This novel shows us that she is beyond damaged, endlessly blaming herself for the destinies and deaths of those she loved. She brings down each and every one of her defences, leaving nothing standing to protect her from the void that is threatening to crush her from the inside out. I feel that this was the turning point in her life, the genuine crossroad in her journey, the event that forced her to recognise, accept, and embrace all of the sorrow, remorse, and self-loathing that she had so carefully buried deep within her soul and carved into her dark and ghastly memories.

And gods, what recollections and history! On that terrible night 10 years ago, we are able to observe how she transformed into Celaena Sardothien and how her life was irrevocably altered as a result. Nonetheless, she is taking a stance by confronting all of that misery and evil. She is slowly ascending to the throne, and when she does, she will be a queen more formidable and lethal than you could possibly conceive.

Her growth as a character has been remarkable due to the fact that as a result of her new experiences, she is now more powerful, wiser, and determined. Her ferocity left me in amazement, and I adored the fact that she is still the same obstinate, sassy, and courageous young lady she was before, just with a somewhat dented ego. She is not pleased with who she has become, having forsaken her country and not fought for its reconstruction over the course of the past 10 years, but she is prepared to plunge herself into war in order to reclaim her territory. She is so badass that calling her so would be an understatement.

With the assistance of Rowan, a Fae Prince and my personal favourite new character to be introduced in the series, Celaena is able to make the shift from assassin to queen. She needs to prove that she is worthy of entering Doranelle, the land where Queen Maeve is waiting for her to answer her questions about the Wyrdkeys and how to destroy them. This is not because he is particularly interested in assisting her; rather, it is because the only way she can learn how to destroy the Wyrdkeys is by doing so. May I yell something out here? I LOVE ROWAN WHITETHORN. In the beginning, he is incredibly patient and stubborn, moody, and secretive. He drives me absolutely crazy. So when does he let his guard down? What about when he actually cracks a smile?!? Laughs?? I'm going to have to get off the floor because I'm going to start hyperventilating.

He is the epitome of an alpha guy, complete with the kind of badass movements that would make Celaena's look like child's play. When it comes to his adversaries, he is terrifying and intense, protective and defiant, caring but merciless in his actions. Rowan is the kind of person who doesn't put up with crap, and I for one am relieved that there is finally someone who won't put up with Celaena's rubbish. She lands a blow to the head with her words? He delivers a blow that will give her a black eye for the remainder of the week. But, they form a friendship and something so significant on an intimate level (we're not talking about romance here), and it will make your heart feel all warm and fuzzy inside to learn that our heroine can finally rely on someone to the fullest extent. There are no longer any borders, secrets, or judgements between the two of them. They were willing to give their lives for one another, as well as murder and fight for the other. And when they collaborate, either as a pair or as a team, they are both incredible and frightening to behold.

Heir Of Fire epub/PDF Free Download 

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