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Script Hook V 1.0.335.2 Latest Version 2023 Download

 The newest version of Script Hook is 1.0.335.2, released in the year 2023. All of Grand Theft Auto 5's new features are yours for the taking with the New Script Hook V Upgrade. If you want to know everything there is to know about this app, including how to get it for Grand Theft Auto 5, then stick around until the end of this video.



About the Script Hook V

NameScript Hook V
Plublished on1 March, 2023
Compaitable withPC.

Script Hook V is a library that allows users to use native Grand Theft Auto V script functions in their own *.asi plugins. The game allows for the extraction of these techniques. It's worth noting that the script hook disables player-created scripts when a player joins a multiplayer session, so it won't work in GTA Online. Due to this, it is ineffective in GTA Online.

The latest versions of the Native Trainer and ASI Loader are also included in this release.

The central concept is that ScriptHookV.dll is the only file required by compiled script plugins. Therefore, after a game update, users need only update their script hook runtime to get their scripts working again. In the event of a game update, this is the only thing a player needs to do to restore the functionality of their scripts (i.e. ScriptHookV.dll).

Key Features of Script Hook V Update Download Mediafire  

In the future, if a player already has more cars than their house or garage can accommodate, they will be prevented from buying any more vehicles.
The main menu may now be used to launch a benchmark that checks the graphics card's performance.
Characters' faces would be corrupted during the transfer process from Xbox 360 or PS3 if the player changed the character's gender while customising the character's look. Changing the character's look was the only time this bug appeared.
When gamers voted to restart the Humane Labs Heist quickly, an issue caused them to get stuck in the clouds. No actions could be taken, and the player could not interact with their environment. This wrinkle has been smoothed over.
A bug in the Rockstar Editor prevented users from erasing markings by clicking the delete key on their keyboards. There is no longer a need to worry about this problem.
Such problems with audio recording will no longer exist in videos made with Rockstar Editor.
The problem where the Yacht wouldn't appear in recorded footage in Rockstar Editor was fixed.
Resolved an extremely rare bug that could prevent Rockstar Editor clips from opening in edit mode.
Fixed a bug that prevented the GTAV Launcher from accurately displaying the remaining download time.
The Steam overlay has been relocated, so it no longer covers up the Launcher's controls.
We fixed an issue that could cause you to lose any custom settings you've made if the game crashes unexpectedly.
An extremely rare bug that caused the Steam version of the game to immediately crash upon launch has been fixed.
Unlike previous versions of GTAV, the present day release does not necessitate the presence of Windows Media Player on your PC. Instead, adherence to Windows Media Foundation standards will be required.
A bug was fixed that caused the pause menu to appear while the player was not actively pausing the game.
We fixed an issue where the maximum frame rate was occasionally set too low.

Instructions for Usage

To do this, copy the ScriptHookV.dll file and place it in the main game folder, which should already contain the GTA5.exe file. This game can't be played without the ScriptHookV.dll file.
The ASI Loader application is required in order to load.asi plugins; you can get it separately or use the most recent version that comes with this set up (dinput8.dll).
Similarly, if you need a trainer, you should duplicate the NativeTrainer.asi file that comes with this package as a sample.asi plugin. You may find this file in the NativeTrainer directory of this package.

Downloading the Most Recent Version of Script Hook V

You'll need to look a little lower on this page before you see the Download link.

Pressing the button will trigger a download of the script from Mediafire to your computer.

In about twenty seconds after clicking the "Download Now" button, your Script Hook V download will be finished.

You may be prompted to confirm your actions via a pop-up window, depending on your browser's settings.

Tap the Download button as many times as necessary to save the content to your smartphone.

Install it and then put it to use.



When Script Hook v1.0.335.2 was released, all of Grand Theft Auto 5's new features have been implemented and are playable. While custom *.asi plugins written with native Grand Theft Auto V script functions are supported, they will not work in GTA Online. Enhancements were also added to the ASI Loader and the Native Trainer. The latest update to the Rockstar Editor addresses an issue where players were unable to progress after voting to quick restart the Humane Labs Heist.


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