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New DBZ TTT Mod Xenoverse Complete Edition 3 Download

Download New DBZ TTT Mod 2019 Xenoverse Complete Edition For Your Android PSP / IOS

About DB Xenoverse Mod

Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team also known as Dragon Ball Tag Vs Japan is an amazing high graphics combot video game for the PPSSPP.
This game is based on Dragon Ball anime series and the game was developed by spike and published and distributed by Namco Bandai games.

All Options of this mod

1. Story Mod

Story Mod has over 40 stages to complete & by defeating each boss, their characters will automatically get unlocked & after completing all stages there will be 40 DBZ characters in the game.

2. Costumize Characters

You can costumize your characters by using Z coins that will be collected while completing stages.
In the costumize section you can make your character to charge ki faster up to 3x, damages up to 5x , attacks up to 5x & defence up to 5x & overall you can make your character to perform perfect in the battle field.

Game Features :

  • Small & big punch & kick combo attacks
  • Special & ultimate attacks 
  • Aura charge to burst mod 
  • Instant transmission techniques
  • Maximum power full ki techniques
  • 2 Vs 2 battle Tag Team
  • Multiplayer on 2 Vs 2 
  • Training Mod
  • Story Mod
  • Free 100 battle for get the grade "S"
  • 3D graphics & gameplay
  • Permanent new menu

How To Play Combos & Ultimates

So if you are a new player of this game & want to play & enjoy the game properly so just use these quick combos to make the fight more interesting.
  1. Press square button 2 times then press ∆ to make a hard punch on stomach.
  2. press square + square + square + ∆ for instant transmission combo
  3. L + ∆ for special moves
  4. Handle up + L + ∆ for automatic combo attack
  5. handle Down + L + ∆ for the ultimate final blow.

So guys here is new version of Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team named Xenoverse complete edition 3. 

What's The New in This Mod

  • Goku Ui grand priest with different attacks
  • Broly from Dragon Ball Xenoverse perfect model
  • Goku Ssj BT1 port
  • Over all graphics changed to Xenoverse
  • There is also a dragon attack from Dragon Ball Xenoverse for Goku super saiyan 3 & in the permanent menu you can see that what's the exact position of the characters in the ISO.
  • 6. Goku Ssj, Ssj 3 & super saiyan blue has Xenoverse outlook & specially Goku Ultra Instinct has Xenoverse texture & the same rush Kamehame Ha as well.
Even though these are so amazing features one thing is still missing & that is maps ( battle ground ) is not 100% changed to Xenoverse there is only one map of tournament of power to play.
Note: the ISO is still in development & there are so many ISOs that will be release in the future & they will be more awesome & will have more features, characters, new attacks, texture ETC. So stay tuned & follow the blog for more upcoming updates.

HOW To Get it on Android

  • Download [ PPSSPP ] emulator from playstore
  • Then download the ISO RAR file ( The link is given below )
  • After download, extract the RAR file
  • Then open the ISO in PSP emulator & start play
Download Link Game / ISO


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