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New DBZ TTT MODS Sparking Tenkaichi 2019 Download

Hello Gamers, today I have brought a new Sparking Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag team Mod. The aura of every characters in this mod have some improvements to it's shine. That's why it's called Sparking Tenkaichi. So let me explore all the special things about this mod and just keep reading to know all about this game.


Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag team is a PSP game with 3D ultimate Tenkaichi type of graphics and Budokai Tenkaichi 3 style of attacks. There are many dragon Ball TTT is releasing every week and I am here for you all to find the greatest mods and share them with you all. So our today's mod is DBZ TTT Sparking Tenkaichi. Now let's explore about new updates and Characters.

Game feature

Gogeta New Model - this mod offers new model of Gogeta with his all forms in Which you can see new base texture of dragon ball super Gogeta that has new sparking lighting white aura with electric effects and also base Gogeta has modified final attack that seems new. So this is all just about base form of Gogeta. In the form of super saiyan, Gogeta has yellow sparking aura with electric, lighting effects, however the attacks for ssj Gogeta is same as mostly mod Nowadays has. Gogeta blue also has some different attacks as compared to mostly mods.

Goku - Goku has the new whole new model means in every Transformations of Goku has something new. But remember there are no new or modified attacks for Goku that will seem new. The only new thing that Goku has in his every form is Aura and textures.
All Characters Summary - Without taking it too long I want to inform you all that all of the characters in this mod ( Except without modified ones  ) has sparking Aura with lighting effects and some of them has modified attacks.

How to install

However, I have already cleared this topic on my most of the articles but for those who are new on this website, I will tell in brief.
  • Download PPSSPP emulator
  • Download this iso
  • Extract it ( if it's in Zip format  ) other wise you don't have to extract it
  • Open the iso in PSP emulator and start play
Device Requirements
  • 3GB ram
  • 6.0 & above version
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • Battery should be higher than 3500 Mah for a better long time gameplay
Download Link
Click here to download


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