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Dragon Ball Z Mugen For android 2019 APK Download

DBZ Mugen Android Download

Friends, Today a new version of Dragon Ball Z Pocket Z Warriors Mugen APK has been released with many many new awesome features and graphics. With this update, now the apk has almost 100% Mugen style graphics gameplay and also there are more than 20 Characters or more to play. So let's know all about this game.

APK Game Features

  • Characters - as you can see in the above screenshot that there are many characters within the game. Remember this is not all characters within the game which is shown on the above screenshot. That's just a part of the characters menu, hence there are more characters out there in the game. The characters are somewhat fan-made and imaginary but that looks awesome during the gameplay.
  • Coins - just like most of other games, this game also need coins to unlock the characters. But this is something different than others. Because you don't need to spend the coins upon the characters means they will get automatically unlocked once you have passed the threshold that is written in the above screenshot. Every locked characters has a certain amount to be unlock.


Gameplay is the best part of this game. As you all know that every game becomes popular when the gameplay is awesome otherwise that a worst game for every player. So this game has an awesome Mugen style gameplay that matches with the Mugen for almost 100%. So let's know few features.

  • Attacks - each character within the game has two special attacks. The one which can be play with a low ki power and the other one which can be performe with the highest ki, that's called ultimate attack. The characters like saiyan has big bang attacks as their super and the super Kamehame ha & Final Flash.
  • Ki charging - there is a Features to charge the ki power of the characters during the gameplay. Unlike few games of dragon ball Z that doesn't contain these type of essential features.
  • Combo & Others - And overall you can jump during the game, you can run fastly on the battlefield, you can play combo attacks.


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