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Dragon Ball Fighter Z Mod for Android

Hello Dragon Ball fans, i know most of you wants to play dragon ball Fighter Z but you don't have PC or also you want to have it on your Pocket means in your Android phone, isn't it? So that's why Today I have a mod of Dragon ball Z tap Battle which looks like Fighter Z. The modders have done their best to convert it into full Fighter Z. So just keep reading to know all about this mod.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Android

Look at the above screenshot and you can imagine that how awesome this APK is. The way Goku is performing Kamehame ha seems as same as original Dragon ball Fighter Z. And the way the other Goku is charging his ki is also looks as same as original fighter Z. You can also see the texture of Goku. You can find that there's no difference between this Goku and original fighter Z's Goku's Look.
Now by seeing the above image of menu, you will surely get confused either it's a mod or a real Dragon ball fighter Z. But trust it's a mod, yeah yeah it's a Joke. Let's come to the main point. It's a mod menu of DBZ Tap Battle which is converted by some professional modders into fighter Z's Structure. There are only thirteen characters in this mod with fighter Z Style Graphics.

About Characters

  • Trunks - trunks is the most perfect character ever in terms of Fighter Z Graphics. Trunks plays his every move as he is Original fighter Z Character. His Attacks are also same as Original Fighter Z. Trunks has 2 special Attacks and normal firing feature. There's no other character that can be compared with trunks in terms of Fighter Z editing.
  • Goku -  as you can see the above. Goku has Kamehame ha attack as his special and a dramatic finish attack as his ultimate attack. His texture, his moves almost everything looks as same as originally Fighter Z.
  • There are few more characters like Gohan, krillin, Piccolo and more and these all are filled with fighter Z editing with their original anime attacks.


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