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Dragon Ball Kakarot APK Tap Battle mod Download

Dragon Ball Kakarot APK 

HELLO Guys, as you all know that Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is the latest released Official Dragon Ball Game ever. The game is released by Namco Bandai and all other official dragon Ball Z Games are also Released by the Namco Bandai. So nowadays many peoples are trying to find dragon Ball Z Kakarot for Android that's why I am here with a new post.

Dragon Ball Tap Battle mod

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK Download

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However, the original can't be run on Android, if you don't this fact then know it. You can search the entire Internet but you will not find any single APK Working and running the original Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on Android. But we have a mod, in fact there are many mods are available for the DBZ Kakarot based on various dragon Ball Z games. So we have a Dragon Ball Tap Battle mod that includes Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Graphics and Textures.

Game Features

  • Multiplayer - You can go Multiplayer through Bluetooth connection. This features is completely offline and you can play multiplayer without any lag and difficulty.
  • All characters unlocked - This is a mod Apk hence all characters are already unlocked and also moded with the best DBZ Kakarot Textures.
  • Mugen Style gameplay - gameplay is very amazing and entertaining.

Gameplay Features

  • Shot Exchange ( when special attacks clashes )
  • Blow exchange ( when punches clashes )
  • Firings
  • Special attacks
  • Ultimate attacks
  • Combos
  • Instant transmission
Additional Information
Size - 117MB
File Type - APK
Platform - Android
Offline - yes


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