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Ratio launcher APK Free Download for Android

Ratio Launcher APK

  1. Blloc Ratio launcher for Android

Ratio Launcher is one of the best and also the most recent launcher released by Blloc co. It's made to provide user the best experience of Android with in built amazing features and shortcuts. Ratio is a minimal Launcher which is made to cut the over usage of your Android.

Ratio Launcher APK Features

Ratio launcher affects almost your entire Android phone, it compeletly changes the way you use your Android smart phones. Unlike other Android launcher, it is not just a show piece.

Drawer Screen

It contains two main screens, the first is the default home screen that is named as the Drawer by the company. On this screen, you can navigate to all your installed application and also you will see them already categorized depending on the actions they perform. You can remove or add more categories or application by your choice. Below every application, the launcher shows the time spent by you on that application. It will help you to know that how much time you waste or spend on the social media and other useful apps.

Route Screen

This is the name of Second screen which can be easily accessed by swiping left on the touch screen. This screen is like widget that increases your engagement on your Android, this screen shows the few widgets  for the quick action and also provides some useful Information at a glance. You can also use the search box in order to navigate to the right query.


Bllocdesk is the name of desktop version of this launcher which you can install on your PC and laptops. Also you can also remotely access your smartphone to transfer files, it needs a simple wifi connection.


Install Blloc Ratio launcher on Android

  • Open and go below to ‘Get Ratio’ section.
  • Choose your smartphone model no. By the drop-down menu and enter your email address to request the invite.


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