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Dragon Ball Super-TTT V8 Beta Mod Download For PPSSPP On Android

Dragon Ball Z TTT V8 Mod Download
V8 Beta Mod, It is a Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi tag team moded game which is used to play in PPSSPP & PPSSPP Gold
So Hello Guys today here is a too much awesome mod for Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Tag Team but before going to explain about the mod i will Introduce that what is Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Tag Team if you are hearing these Names first time.

Introduction of Dragon Ball Z TTT:

This game was released In 2010 for all  Countries and this Is basically a duplicate or you can say that Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is a Copy of this game and It's released for those who can't play Xenoverse & Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for some reasons & want to play a game with high graphics & awesome gameplay in their android phone so here is an option comes to the Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team also called DBZ TTT In Short Form.
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About The Mod

This mod has so many features so i will tell about them all with point by point:-
  1. Graphics and texture are like DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi game which is only able to play in PS3 but because of this mod you can experience that graphics in your android & PSP.
  2. There are more than 100 characters & transformations in this mod which is related to Canon and Non - canon both series of Dragon Ball.
  3. It contains over 50 transformations like gohan Super Saiyan Blue, Rose Black,Ssj 4 and Vegeta Ssj 4 Blue,Ssj Rose Black and Vegito Ssj 4, Ssj 4 Blue, Ssj Rose Ssj 3 and Gogeta Ssj Rose,Blue, Ssj 3 & Ssj 4 & Also God Forms Of Goku, Vegeta, Vegito, Gogeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Gotenks.
  4. The best part of this mod is that it has crash free gameplay so you will not get disturb during the battle.
  5. Story mod characters also changed like In the position of Nappa, Raditz, Captain Jinyu, Burter Etc. There will be another latest DBS character.

Characters Special Moves:

  1. So Guys in this mod goku has his new super saiyan blue form with the "Super" Kamehame Ha attack.
  2. Vegito, he recently transformed into super saiyan blue in the anime so that's why in this mod we have Vegito Blue with his original "Final" Kamehame Ha.
  3. Zamasu, the best thing in this mod is that it has Zamasu potara fusion technique. If you want to use this new Feature during the gameplay, so you have to choose Goku black as you player and Zamas as Partner, after this just start battle and when the blue line ki reaches at his 4th level then press ( Handle Up + L + Select ), just by this they both will start fusion and will become Zamasu. Zamasu has his two forms In this game, first is base Zamasu, In this form he uses his original enormous red energy ball attack which was used on Goku blue in the anime, and the final form of Zamasu is called Merged Zamasu, it has automatic combo attack of Broly as his special and one handed huge energy beam attack as his final attack.

How To Download Step By Step:

  • You have to download PPSSPP ( PlayStation Portable ) emulator in you android & IOS using playstore Or Appstore for the latest version.
  • Then download this ISO file ( Link is given below ) which is in Rar, Zip format.
  • After download the Zip file now you need a APK that can extract these files,so you can download Z Archiver, 7zipper, RAR App ( Use Anyone ) & extract out the ISO file.
  • After these all steps just install PSP emulator & choose ISO in it & start play.
Android Device Required:
  • 5.0 & Above Versions
  • 440 + Snapdragon
  • 2 GB + RAM
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If you have any kind of question or problems related to this mod so feel free to ask your question by Commenting below.
Download Link ISO

I hope you will enjoy the game & don't forget to follow the blog for more games of DBZ.


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