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New Dragon ball Z Games - Warriors Fighters with All Transformations Download

Dragon Ball Z Games For Android

The game which I am going to show you in this post name is Dragon Ball Stick Warriors. It has many features to offer the users in order to collect the coins and unlock the Transformations and characters. The best thing is that unlike other games, I doesn't contain paid characters to buy and then play. Everything in this game can be unlocked just by coins and watching some Ads. It contains many many rounds and villans like Freiza, Cell, buu, Beerus and more. You can play special attacks e.g. Kamehame ha, Energy Balls, death beams, destruction balls, as you can see in the image.

Dragon Ball Stick Warriors Features

In order to collect the coins faster, it contains many many options to give the user a better "Coins Collection" experience. So let's figure out all the options one by one.

Completing the Stages

Completing the Stages is one of the common option which by using you can win some bonus coins as a reward for completing the round and some collective coins during the gameplay. You can win maximum 600 coins in a easy and starting rounds and the characters in the are bounded by minimum 5000 coins for each and 10,000 coins for some Transformations and some big Transformations are too expensive because they needs 200,000 coins to be unlocked. As you can see in the below image that how expensive master Ultra instinct is.

Free Spinner

This is my favourite method to collect coins and unlock the characters faster. You just have to watch an Ad and the spinner will get free for you but only for first only. To use spinner again and again, you just need to watch ads again and again. The feature of spinner is totally free to use, it doesn't need coins to spin every time but if you use this feature too many times than there is also a option of Lose within the spinner that you will get every time. However, I have collected over 5000 coins just by spinner and I don't get that Lose at any time.

As you can see in the above image that there are lot of things that you can randomly get. Also you can unlock the next Transformation of your characters without coins if you get that super saiyan logo at the spinner. So it seems really a good option to unlock the everything in the game.

So these two options, you can use to complete the game

Download Link

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