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Dragon Ball z Mugen style APK for android download

Dragon Ball z anime Mugen Download

Dragon Ball z anime Mugen is a 2D fighting pixelated graphic game in which you will see many characters from the different different Animes. I am playing this game since 2016 and it's getting update in every month so it's also a update of 2019 for this APK in which you will see more Dragon ball super characters instead of other anime characters. But that doesn't mean that there are no other characters because the name of this game is anime Mugen and the developer will not ruin this name by removing all of the other characters. First of all let's know about the gameplay.

About Mugen Gameplay

DBZ Mugen games for android
As you can see in the above image that there are five buttons to play the game.
  • Guard - by which you can block any attacks but it doesn't means that your power will decrease by that attacks because the guard button just reduce the damage upto 90%. If you don't use guard then you will face 100% damage.
  • Charge - by which you can charge you ki, ki is a power, which by using you can perform super and ultimate attacks. If you don't have ki them you can can't fire even a single blast.
  • Attack - attacks is a combo button, it's a normal fighting Button that every fighting game should have.
  • Super - super is a button that uses ki power to work means by this button you can perform Kamehame ha and final flash type of super and ultimate attacks. If you ki us full of charge then this button will perform ultimate attacks of the player but if you ki is half charged then it will automatically perform the special attack.
  • Up button - Up button is usually used for Jumping and dodging the attacks.

About Mugen characters

  • As you can see in the above images that there are two characters in the screen and they both are on of the Latest characters of dragon ball canon series namely Broly and Gogeta. They have their original attacks e.g. Broly giga meteor and Gogeta Super Kamehame ha. Gogeta also has Non stop firing Blast attacks as his special and broly also has green energy ball as his special attack.
  • MUI Goku - The game contains direct Mastered ultra instinct form of Goku means there no transformations and other forms of Goku within the game. Mastered ultra instinct uses a Spirit bomb and a Energy Blast as his special and Ultimates.
  • Jiren - Just like MUI Goku, Jiren is also direct in this game. There no other forms of Jiren within the game. Jiren use red energy ball attacks and a red beam attack that looks like red Kamehame ha. But yes Jiren has his Limit breaker form but he can't transform into him as I said that you have to choose him directly.
  • Naruto - Naruto is the completed characters of this game. Naruto has all his transformations with the original super and ultimate attacks. If you are a fan of Naruto then this game is perfect for you even though it has DBZ characters.
  • Saitama - also called One punch Man, the anime name is also one punch man. In this game one punch man also has original combo attacks.
  • Ichigo - Ichigo is a fictional character of a Japanese anime and it's available in this game with his conical attacks. Also Ichigo has his all transformations within the game with their official Attacks.
  • Luffy - Luffy is an Anime characters of One Piece and luffy is main character of One Piece just like Goku. Luffy has Fast hand combo attacks as his special and Ultimates.
Note :— the game is still in the development, currently in this version this game 65 characters from different different Animes. The number of characters will increase with the next update so stay tuned and follow our blog by email for every latest update. 


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