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Tourney Of Warriors is a Non Official and one of the popular Dragon Ball Z Game for androidIt's a Mugen style dragon ball Z game with approximately 40 characters in it. Each character can transform to the next level and can do lower their saiyan levels. Tourney of Warriors includes many features that a good dragon ball z game must have. So let's know all about this game.

Game features

  • Quick Match - in which you can choose only one character and will fight with only one character. You have the opportunity to choose your opponent, fighting stage, and number of fight rounds. It's like a free battle mod.
  • Tournament - Tournament is the best option to play this game. It's like you are playing the tournament of power of Dragon Ball Super. Unlike Quick match, you can can't choose you opponent in the tournament but you have the opportunity to choose your fighter and number of fights. There are three stages to choose in the tournament. Whether you want 4 rounds, 6 rounds and 8 Rounds, you can simply select it. Tournament mod gives you the Highest coins than any other options within the game. If you want to unlock all characters as soon as possible then you must play the tournament. Just by playing 5 times you will  collect enough money to unlock all of the characters.

  • Online match - Quick match is a Multiplayer mod of Tourney of warriors. But unfortunately, it's not able to work at this time and it's only for to look at on it within the game which shows that one day, this game will have multiplayer mod.
  • Practice - Practice, as the name is already stating that it's a training mod. Before you going to play any other options in order to collect the coins. I suggest you to play the practice and be prepare for collecting the coins faster.
  • Shop - Shop is the place, where you can unlock all of the characters by the collected coins. There are 40 characters within the game to unlock and 1 characters is already unlocked that is Goku.
  • Settings - Settings is the option where you can control the hardness of the game and sounds of the game.

So these all are the options you can find within the game now let's go on our next explanation of Game that is the.

Gameplay Features

  1. You can perform the super and ultimate attacks
  2. You can fly
  3. You can do Firing blasts
  4. You can charge up your ki
  5. You can do beam struggle ( when two special attacks clashes )
  6. You can transform into next level of every character ( if it's available within the game )
  7. You can go at down level of transformation.

Important Characters

  • Goku - Goku has his all transformations within the game. He has Kamehame ha and Spirit bomb attacks as his special and Ultimates. And yes he also has MUI form with super Kamehame has attack. Goku also has super saiyan 4 transformation in which he can fire the dragon fist attack and red Kamehame ha attack as his super and ultimates.
  • Vegeta - Vegeta also has his all Transformations within the game with Final flash and Galick Gun attacks as his special and Ultimates. He also has super saiyan blue evolution transformation in which he has Self explosion and final flash attack.
  • Jiren and Toppo - Jiren has Red energy ball attack and toppo has non stop firing attacks. Also toppo has a  hakai ball attacks.
  • Zamasu - Zamasu has his divine attacks.
  • Vegito - Vegito has his all canon Transformations including super saiyan blue. He has Final Kamehame ha as his Ultimate attack.
  • Gogeta and Broly - This game also has the Gogeta and Broly from dragon ball super. They both have their unique and original attacks.


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