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Dragon Ball Z Stick Hero Fighter Game For Android

Hello Dragon Ball Fans, today a best i have brought a best Dragon Ball Z Game For you all that can be installed and play in any version of android device. No matter how below your Android version, ram, rom, processor is, you can easily play this game without any hindrance. This Game is only for Android and not for IOS users, if you have IOS system then unfortunately this game is not for your device but you can check out this website for many Dragon Ball Z games of PSP that can be run on iOS through PSP emulator.

Stick Hero Fighter

The Textures of this Game is made of Sticks as the name of this Game already states and there is no eyes, nose and ears etc. on the face of any Characters but you can guess the Characters very easily by Looking their Structures. The style of their hairs and clothes made them Looking like Goku, Vegeta and many other characters.

About characters

This game has atleast 50 characters from different different Animes. This is not alone only Dragon ball, on the contrary it has many other characters like Naruto and more. Although the number of Dragon ball characters are more than any other anime character so you can see it as more of a Dragonball game. Let's see some screenshots of the game.
Dragon Ball stick fighters, stick hero fighters
  • As you can see the above screenshot, this game has many Dragon ball characters such as cell, trunks, Zamasu, Jiren, Goku super Saiyan blue, nappa, Goku super Saiyan 3 and even Naruto is also there standing alone in the group of Dragonball characters. This game has all New and old Villains of Dragon ball with their unique attacks.
  • This mod has Goku with his original spirit bomb attack as you can see in the below images, Goku also has Kamehame ha attack as his special attack and spirit bomb as his Ultimate one. Goku has super saiyan transformations already unlock but however you have to unlock super saiyan blue transformation.
  • This mod has Vegeta with his galick gun attack, and Vegeta has also super saiyan blue transformations but firstly you have to unlock that transformations either by playing the game or buying the pack of characters. This game also has in app purchase.
  • This game has Naruto with original attack of star energy ball attack. However naruto probably has no further transformations because the game is highly Dragon ball oriented as the developer is also a dragon ball fan just like you are.


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