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Keeping My Bride PDF/EPUB Free Download Book by Angela Snyder

 You can get a free Epub/PDF copy of Keeping My Bride by Angela Snyder here (the hindi and English versions are available, and a download link is provided at the end of the post).

Keeping My Bride pdf

About Keeping My Bride PDF 

Book Name:Keeping My Bride
Author:Angela Snyder
File Type:PDF/EPUB (Downloadable)
PDF Size:3.49 MB
I was compelled to wed a terrible person.

The empire his father established is legally owed to Luca Vitale.

He has a notoriously bad reputation for being a scary beast that can send even grown people to their knees.

And very soon I will be able to call him my husband.

My two families have been at odds with one another for as long as I can remember.

He would do whatever to establish control over me, to manipulate me, and ultimately to destroy me since I am the daughter of his enemy.

The dilemma of whether our relationship will be founded on love or on violence arises until I am forced into a situation where I have no option but to make a deal with the devil himself.

Keeping My Bride is a standalone book about an arranged marriage in the mafia. It is geared towards people who are older and more responsible.

About the Author: Angela Snyder

The New York Times and USA Today have both reviewed novels by author Angela Snyder. Angela spent her early years in a small town in Pennsylvania, where she discovered a lifelong passion for reading and storywriting. She recently decided to go after her long-time ambition, and in 2013 she published her debut book, The Vampire Next Door. Today, Angela and her husband live in a far more distant part of Pennsylvania, where they raise their opulent Golden Retriever.

The magical romance collection Wicked After Dark, which made its debut in October 2015 at number thirteen on the New York Times bestseller list, contained the solitary first edition of her book, Vampire Next Door. The author had good luck with this number.

Her piece "Devious" was a part of the romantic suspense collection Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology, which made its debut at position 64 on the list of best-selling books published by USA Today on January 17, 2019.

Narrative of Keeping My Bride PDF/EPUB 

At the beginning of the story, the characters' ages ranged from 8 to 12. Recently, Verona met Dante, whose parents were murdered for selling. Dante was raised by Verona's family after being adopted as a child. She initially met Luca, Verona's friend, at a gathering. As he got closer, Luca shouted at her, telling her that nobody in his family talks to people like that. After that, they were unable to communicate with one another.

We didn't find out about her mother's suicide until much later, after she had overdosed on medication and drowned herself in the pool at home. Verona nearly drowned while attempting to save her mother, but when she discovered her, she had passed away. Her aunt paid for her college and then sent her to live with her frugal cousin. Luca found that his mother had been murdered in addition to finding her body. The rivalry between Verona and Luca lasted even after their grandparents passed away and specified in their will that they must wed in order to split their inheritance evenly. Luca and his family believed it to be the Verona Moretti family.

She brought her dependable security, Dante, to the wedding. So, this part wasn't too bad. She cried at everything Luca did or said; it was only one of the many things she found annoying about him. Every time he talked to her rudely or treated her poorly, she would sob and attempt to be the ideal wife again. The ending had a twist that I kind of anticipated. Similar to Romeo and Juliet, a dramatic twist unites two rival families. They are forced into marriage rather than being prevented from being together.

Later, they realise that because of their similarities, they are ultimately meant to be together. Thanks to the author's diction and imagery, this is a page-turner. One of the story's selling features is the pervasive darkness. I enjoyed reading about the interesting personalities and following them on their journey. The focus of the book was a romantic couple.

The book's main plot, which concerned a marriage that neither side wanted, had events going on in the background. One group seemed open to the chance and ready to take advantage of it, while the other appeared uninterested. As a result, there was a great deal of misunderstanding, hostility, and intransigence. You'll adore this one if you enjoy stories with strong female leads.

Review of the book Keeping My Bride Epub

This small book had a lot of sexual tension. If that particular scene hadn't been present, I would have awarded the film a better score.

When they were younger, Luca and Verona were friends, but a string of bad circumstances caused them to become enemies, especially Luca. Verona had no idea what made him so angry with her. Years after being compelled to wed, Luca's main desire is to treat his wife badly and make her life miserable. It wasn't quite terrible, but he did embarrass her over little things like her wardrobe choice because he believed she was a spoilt, affluent girl. He acted like a complete moron by slapping her when she couldn't figure out how to use the dishwasher, despite the fact that he was wrong about everything.

Meanwhile, Verona is troubled by her husband's peculiar behaviour and doesn't know why. I wish she had the guts to oppose him. Making the assumption that he has been cheating, she even prepares his favourite meal and manages to capture him with lipstick on his shirt.

Despite having the best of intentions, Luca made the decision to cheat on his fiancée after visiting a strip club and receiving a lap dance from a stunning woman who was going to fk him but he couldn't resist.

He made the decision to go home after that. Luca and his wife grew closer as he realised his wife was too naive to have known of his mother's passing. They also face other opposition. He now has the duty to protect his wife from the neighbour who ruined both of their childhoods by being so near by.

The story's main points

A female protagonist who is neither a virgin nor a whore, little sexual tension, a fair amount of drama (mainly involving males), almost but not quite any infidelity, one minor supporting character, and a few steamy moments.

Keeping My Bride PDF/EPUB Free Download 

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